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  1. Dean.b

    Wr300 clutch problems

    Ok, that sounds promising I’ll try that. Thanks
  2. Dean.b

    Wr300 clutch problems

    I’ve recently been having some issues with the clutch on my 2011 wr300. I first started to notice it when I would put the bike into gear. I’d pull the clutch in and when I drop it into first it’d make a painful clunk. Another thing that has been pissing me off is with the clutch pulled completely in the clutch would disengage, but as soon as you let the lever out in engages. So I found myself stalling all the time because with the amount of space my fingers took on the grips the clutch would still be engaged. I guess what I’m trying to ask is if there are any adjustments to fix that or do I need a new clutch. All answers appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Dean.b

    Spark plug gap

    I used the 15 and 14 gap at the same time. I’m also gonna try to put a couple hours on it and see if it’s actually acting up. When I put the plug in I just putted around for a couple minutes so that could be the problem
  4. Dean.b

    Spark plug gap

    I recently bought a fresh plug for my 06 yz250f. I set the gap to 0.029 and now I am having some issues in the upper rpms. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be the problem?
  5. The question is simple. Will plastics off a 2009 yz250f bolt onto a 2006 yz250f?
  6. All I have to say is damn. Mine wasn't nearly as bad as that.
  7. It seems that I might have blown some gunk out of the carb. The bike is running a hell of a lot better now. I guess it just needed a good cleaning. In the future I might tinker with some new leak jets. Thank you so much for your time and suggestions it was greatly appreciated as I'm only 14 and figuring all these things out. Happy trails!
  8. That's quite a huge drop from the stock 80 and with that drop will I need to tinker with the ap timing screw
  9. Ok I will be sure to order a new one soon. So let's say I need to change my leak jet should I invest in the boyesen quick shot 3 or just buy an assortment of jets.
  10. Would you recommend that I replace the diaphragm
  11. Thanks this is very much appreciated as I am going to Winchester bay tomorrow and want my bike to be running at its best. Let's say that cleaning the check valve doesn't fix the problem. Should I rebuild the accelerator pump? Where would I get a complete rebuild kit since I haven't seen them Rocky Mountain or motorcycle superstore.
  12. Sorry I wasn't very clear. What would be some signs that I need to replace it? Does it need to be cleaned? Etc
  13. What should I look for when disassembling the check valve?
  14. Where would the check valve be located
  15. I was able to spray carb cleaner and air all the way through to the nozzle and then the leak jet. Still no squirt when I put the tank back on and get some fuel running through it. At first I thought the previous owner might have tinkered with it and put in a leak jet that is to big but it seems to be the stock size. Sorry for cross posting I'm new to the app and accidentally posted it on the wrong forum.