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  1. Yeah I'm taking the side of the crank case off anyways so I'll have a look at that seal and just change the oil, fingers crossed. Thanks for your help
  2. Oh no I'm sorr Lol It's a 1980 model so air cooled, and the last time it ran was seriously 20 years ago, I'm not really fussed about it, it was sitting up there for ages and no one has done anything so if it's something relatively small like a crank seal it might be worth fixing.
  3. So I think I should start this off by saying this bike has been sitting in some bushes up the back of our house for 20 years (not exaggerating), I recently pulled it out and managed to get it started and riding (not very good but still), after I finally got the sump plug off the oil was a light grey colour and smelt like petrol was also very thin. Would anyone have an idea as to why this is? I have read it could be a worn crank seal. I'm hoping I haven't done any damage despite having no clutch or brakes I did manage to ride it down the street a few times. It was until noticed a weird noise while kicking over the engine that thought that I should change the oil. Any help is appreciated thank you ­čśâ