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  1. feet up

    Ride/camp suggestions?

    Well guy's, I have made it acroos Kansas, I forgot it takes forever. Started out at Rampant range rode: 770A from flat rocks to end of 770H took 679A to 650 to 677 hooked back up on 770 and took it back to flat rocks. Nice ride wish there waz more single track here. I will ride it again tomorrow and load. To head north. Still open for suggestions. Thanks. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using ThumperTalk mobile app
  2. Ok so I may have not used verbage to your approval, My intention ( sorry I will try and use small words) was to express how a Trials bike does not offer the same as a big bike. Big bike is heavy and offers some traction on its own, a trials bike is on average 100 lbs. Lighter and offers no traction on its own to get traction out of the trials bike proper technique is required, hence you are forced to use technique, with a big bike a common habbit is to use the mass of the bike to get up and body follows, a trials bike does. Not have the mass you are forced to use proper technique of suspension, clutch, break, throttle to get up the rock, log, tree, wall whatever. [emoji90] [emoji90] [emoji90] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using ThumperTalk mobile app
  3. feet up

    Let's see your Gas Gas Motorcycle!

    Here is my 2010 EC 300 Love this thing, awesome awesome woods bike Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using ThumperTalk mobile app
  4. Here is the deal. Trials bikes force you to use proper technique. It is ALL technique, get the bike and watch videos on trials technique, EVERYTHING you learn on a trials Bike relates and transfers to all other disciplines of riding.
  5. feet up

    Need torque spec for handlebar clamp

    To quote an old Bultaco manual, " At no time should you get into a contest of strength with the nuts and bolts on your motorcycle " 40 year old advice still holds true 🤔
  6. feet up

    Ride/camp suggestions?

    Thank you all for the great info! I am going to use all of your suggestions! just found out my buddy I was supposed to meet up with and ride Baha is wiggling out, Orig. plan was to ride 3-5 days in Co. and then head west and ride Ca/Mexico. Sooo plan B may be a 2-3 weeks riding Co. we will see. a few clarifications for suggestions: I am rolling alone, camping out of my van ( just realized I have come full circle, rolled all over the country with dirt bikes in a van in the 80's and here I am back in a van with dirt bikes HA!) probably bringing 3 bikes, kinda an open schedule gotta month to play with. just looking to ride and chill and ride some more and chill a little more. Thank You all! first time I have used TT and already has proven worthy!
  7. feet up

    Ride/camp suggestions?

    Mrgem, Again THANK YOU! I have already secured my stickers and my bikes are tagged, I should be all set. I will endure the madness of Sunday Monday holiday weekend to learn the area with plenty of people around and then stay the week without the madness and hope mike has a ride that I can latch onto. I have rode all Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, New York and PA., N.C. has to offer a change of scenery and trails will be nice.
  8. feet up

    Ride/camp suggestions?

    mrgem, Thank You!!!! Exactly the Info I had hoped for! I will be heading to Rampart. Senior riders HA OLD guys! One of the best compliments I have had was: after about a dozen laps at an open practice navigating thru a bunch of kids trying to beat the world, I pulled into the pits to my van and the kids parked next to me where the ones doing everything they could to not let me pass...... threw my bike up on its stand and popped my helmet off and the boys next door exclaimed! " wow your old " after a good belly chuckle I said YA KID AND YOUR SLOW, we spent the rest of the day riding and the boys learned to never underestimate an "old guy"
  9. feet up

    Ride/camp suggestions?

    Thanks for the good words. I am open to what ever, Camping primitive is cool. I am planning on a week +\- anywhere colorado. Sanity maintenance need to ride need some time in the woods. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using ThumperTalk mobile app
  10. feet up

    Let's see your Gas Gas Motorcycle!

    LOVE ME SOME GAS GAS'S I am the proud rider of four Gas Gas bikes love em all, 2004 280 Pro right from the hands of Tommy Avala, I set up for Enduro Cross 2008 250 Pro set up for Trials 2010 EC 300 My favorite woods bike 2008 250 MX bike STUPID FAST 50mm Marzocchi's on the front Olin's rear, super triple hopper
  11. feet up

    Ride/camp suggestions?

    Heading to Denver on the 31st. , bringing woods bike and a trials bike.. thinking about Arapahoe. open to any all suggestions for Colorado ride camp areas. all responses appreciated. thanks Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using ThumperTalk mobile app