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  1. Hi Guys this is my first post! Just chucked new 17"s on my 400e and need to get a big front rotor after discovering the standard one is garbage on a SM wheel. I'm in Australia and everybody locally seems to have run out of stock on the 320mm front disk kits for a DRZ400 but I have found a kit for a DR650 that's local. Had a quick search but can't seem to find anyone specifically stating whether or not the dr650 front caliper mount and rotor mounting is exactly the same as the DRZ, in otherwords will the dr650 kit work, everybody else seems hung up on the front axles being different sizes. Here's the kit if it helps: https://adventurebikeaustralia.com.au/product/warp-9-320mm-supermoto-brake-rotor-kit/ Thank you TT!