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    For god sake help

    no friend came into garage while I was gone to get his headers and hone. Knocked my sorting box off the bench. I got it right and started and ran perfectly but blew the new head gasket as soon as it warmed up [emoji58]
  2. Crasher2003

    For god sake help

    Well I screwed up. Went to take the 07 kx450f motor apart. Laid the valve caps and shins out in order and rebuilt the engine. Left it in the garage while I was gone for a few days and a buddy of mine came in and knocked the box I have that sorted which caps/shims went to which valve now I don't even know where to begin. I guess put em where I can and then measure? Any help peoples?
  3. Crasher2003

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    I don't send it for anything.
  4. Crasher2003

    R my riding days over??

    Can am Maverick
  5. Crasher2003

    R my riding days over??

    Get the turbo can am side by side if you can. Full cage and stupid fun, very jumpable.
  6. Crasher2003

    2007 KX450F Rear Wheel Issue

    Okay, have a 07 KX450F that I decided to change the rear hub and spokes, ordered a new tusk oem hub from Rocky and a 19' spoke set. I get it all and try to rim it up and the spokes don't reach. Take a look at the rim and its 19x2.15. Is this not the oem size rim for the KX? I have a feeling someone bastardized the rear wheel from another brand...