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  1. So im sort of in the market for some bars on my yz125. Im really tall(6'3) and sort of clueless on what to get. Does anybody know what to look for?
  2. currently I have a 2005 yz125, and my dad is worried that it would be too much of a swap back and fro... how do the forks compare to tje yamahas kyb sss forks? thanks for y'alls help
  3. so I have the opportunity to snatch up a 2015 ktm 250f factory edition for real cheap. But im worried about the forks. Im an intermediate+ rider, 6'2, and weight is 155lb. Buy or naw?? PLEASE HELP
  4. what I have been using
  5. I have been putting that on there, but I just realized i haven't been putting enough on. Its just not making a huge difference like on my other pair
  6. So I bought some used mx pants off of a site called mx locker, and when i got them the leather patches were super stiff and dried out. I have triede to refurbish them with mink oil, but they haven't gotten much better. Got any ideas??
  7. was closing my garage and it closed on my power washers nozzle and broke the b*tch off!!! Now Im sort of in the market for a new one that will clean a bike and other small machinery without breaking the bank or bending a sub frame with enough pressure to kill a man.