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  1. 2muchtq

    Another jetting question

    Quick update. Bumped from a 55 pilot to a 58. It’s a little fat, but I’ll live with it ( 1 3/4 turns out runs good) Main went from 158 to 165. Back to chocolate milk colored plug and plenty of power.
  2. In previously did Dave’s mods, uni filter and a snorkel delete on my 650l. I jetted 55/158 and about 2 turns out. Ran great. Fast forward, added fmf q4 and header. Turned screw out another half turn to make it responsive right off idle, and drove it home. It runs awesome. Plug is a very light tan. But I’m being told that I can’t read plugs with modern fuel. These guys are saying due to my header color, I need to richen up to 58/160 minimum. I am at 2200 feet here in Idaho. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks Mark
  3. 2muchtq

    Where to find?

  4. 2muchtq

    New to me XRL!

    Just catching up. 800 miles later, put a new clutch lever on her. Seems front end washing out (my fault totally) eats the lever first. So far, nothing but smiles. My mileage isn’t good though..... 35-37 is all I can squeak out. May have something to do with hauling my rotund ass around though........ (I’m a big’un, 3-320, nekkid)
  5. 2muchtq

    New to me XRL!

    Thanks guys! I have my 48 rear sprocket setting here. So far, 14/45 is working ok for everywhere I’ve been.
  6. I've got just over 12 between fender and tire and fork to clamp clearance. Thanks for the heads up
  7. Yep, looking to have the balls of both feet planted if possible. I'm actually going to leave it clamped just above the taper in the picture and see how it works out. Yep, looking to have the balls of both feet planted if possible. I'm actually going to leave it clamped just above the taper in the picture and see how it works out.
  8. 2muchtq

    New to me XRL!

    As for the sprocket sizes. It's all Greek to me. I'm not an experienced rider at all. It's mainly a commuter and gravel road rig with an occasional trail if I get a wild hair. I know that with 14/45 I can hit 75 easily, and I also know 75 isn't comfortable on this bike for me. Is 13/45 going to allow 60-65 cruising without wrapping it to the moon?
  9. 2muchtq

    New to me XRL!

    I don't know what shield he had on it. I took the shield and the rack off straight away. I'm not a hoarder of parts..... so I wound up throwing it away.
  10. 2muchtq

    New to me XRL!

    Found a decent 04 L for $2k with 10k miles on her. Owner had all records since 2008. She looked like this when I rode her home. And looked like this the next evening. So far, I've done Dave's mods with desmog, desnorkle, and a UNI filter. Went 14 tooth fritz front sprocket and leaving back at 45 for now. (Have a 48 setting here) Fresh amsoil, new filter, cleaned strainer screen, adjusted valves, and have it apart waiting for lowering link and new springs. Not too bad for owning it a week! I'm learning lots and will be sure to use search function. Just had to share!!! Mark
  11. Afraid of that. Back to the way they were!
  12. I'm in process of taking off a fairing and curiosity got me. I slid the forks up in the clamps about 1.75". My question is will the top clamp be ok on the tapered part of the tube? It all but bottoms out when tightened, and the smaller diameter has me concerned. Thanks for the help! Glad to be here.