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  1. Before anyone says, "learn to use the search function." I know how and spent some time looking through the dozens of threads over the past decade or so but still have a question or two. I have a 2008 DRZ400s that is totally stock. I ordered a yoshi RS-2 and plan to do the 3x3 mod and rejet all at the same time. However, my question is, do I NEED to order the JD kit or can I just run down to my local moto shop and grab the individual jets? Will need to change clips on the needle and such? I already have a JIS screwdriver so I suppose I don't need the extended fuel screw? and what is my specific main/ pilot jet #'s? I live at sea level, 90% of my riding is 1000ft and below, below 80 degree F. Probably seems like I could piece all the info together myself, but from what I've seen on here; people have had issues with how the bike runs after following the jetting recommendations online. I appreciate any information. I live in Bellingham Wa if anyone is near and wants to give me a hand in exchange for beers or something.
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    Skills Camps

    Hey, I'm located in Bellingham WA. Hoping to locate some sort of a skills course or camp somewhere in the tri state area. I realize it's late in the season to get on this. I've been riding fora few years in the woods and feel fairly confident on a ton of terrain; but I just want some solid guidance on some more advanced skills like jumping logs and such. Any information of courses or camps you like or dislike would be great. Cheers