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  1. Fuz71

    Mellowing the 2017

    I’m a female rider in my mid 40s used have a 2004 YZ250F, sold it 2008 stopped riding for a while, picked up an IT200N for vintage riding. Now I have added the 2015 YZ250FX to my shed and absolutely love it. My riding has changed from 10 years ago when I predominantly raced, to mostly out on the trails. The fx has excellent power & it’s just not as angry as the mx bike, heavier fly wheel, wider ratio gearbox and 13/51 (stock) gearing. Elec start and nicer suspension. Haven’t fiddled with the mapping as yet. I would never go back to the F now. Also people babble on about the fx being heavier- it’s rubbish, bike it beautifully balanced. It’s only heavy when you are lying underneath it (but then what bike wouldn’t be) Just my 2 cents worth Cheers Julia
  2. Fuz71

    Dislikes and likes about the YZ250FX

    Totally agree with you fishsrizona These bikes are awesome. Would be the most versatile machine I’ve ever had. Does everything I want from trails to natural terrain club mx. Weight? What weight, it’s only heavy if you are lying underneath it. Buy a 2 stroke if it’s such a big deal.
  3. Fuz71

    YZ250FX tuning

    I assume you are in the US, so your bike prob restricted for environmental rules you have. Our bikes in NZ don’t come so clogged up so to speak. Read this article from MXA, might get you closer to the YZ you once had. The FX is an excellent xc bike. I much prefer it over the mx model, particularly the kinder suspension. https://motocrossactionmag.com/2015-test-ride-yamaha-yz250fx/
  4. Fuz71

    Dislikes and likes about the YZ250FX

    Now that was a bike - the IT250 The IT line of motorcycles were iconic and a significant part of Yamaha history leading into what we see today with WR/YZ fx and 2stroke X. There has been much talk about the FX delving into what the Euro manufacturers are doing with XC / off road race machines. Nothing new for Yamaha given this is what the the IT series represented from the mid 70s to mid 80s. A pity the line was dropped, but perhaps that was because the R&D $$ were heading down the 4 stroke direction. Not that we missed out there either - still think Yamaha have the best machines out there in my biased opinion [emoji41]
  5. Fuz71

    Dislikes and likes about the YZ250FX

    Sure do like that IT[emoji1] Here’s a better shot - I love my IT
  6. Fuz71

    Dislikes and likes about the YZ250FX

    I’ve had my FX for less than a week, so far I like it but yet to do some bigger rides. Used to ride YZ250Fs 10 years ago so already know what reasonably expect - and will be far better for trail use with its wide ratio gearbox and plusher suspension. Weight? Why do so many comment on it - FX weighs the same as my modded CRF230F. Both of these are heavier than my 1985 IT200. Only ever notice never when lifting or picking up the bikes, never when I’m riding. I’m a 5’10” woman so quit being a bunch of wimps! The Yamaha’s I have owned over the years have been ultra reliable and a boatload of fun - I expect nothing less with the FX
  7. Interesting where the age of an "older" person starts, and what sort of bike they might like is impossible to decipher. At age 46 & female those KTMs look boring. (Personal opinion & I have had a lifetime of riding incl YZ250Fs in the early 00s). My 230F with all its uncorking, tall bars & offset risers, suspension mods and increased ride height is a fun machine, but as the summer approaches here in NZ & the trails get faster I'm looking to invest in a YZ250FX. XC enduro style machine. (Will look good lined up beside my vintage enduro IT200) Don't get me wrong the CRF230F is a great trail bike, but any more mods to make it go faster is a waste of time - for me, I'm better off buying another bike. And at 5'10 I'm lucky to be able to ride most bikes. Horses for courses - upgrade to the bike that takes your fancy, the only way you will know that is to throw a leg over one and try it out. Recommendations from others doesn't necessarily mean their choice of bike is right for you. Happy riding peeps
  8. Partzilla.com 150F linkage: 52465-KPT-900 XR400 side stand: 50530-KCY-A10, spring 50535-KAE-730 You don't need the bolt and nut use the one you have on your 230, it's the right length. You should be able to find 450 pegs on same website. All the best in building your new & improved 230
  9. Nah, still have to do the same thing if you take a look at the following links. This was the website I used for much of my work on the bike. Loads of very good info. The 96-04 XR forks are cartridge and the older forks orifice like the 37mm 230 forks. XR400 are 43mm and offer more adjustment. Unfortunately have get a matching front wheel as the axle is bigger. Check out this website, it is very comprehensive and provided me with some very useful info. https://crf230fmods.wordpress.com/1986-1995-xr250r-fork-swap/ https://crf230fmods.wordpress.com/1996-2004-xr250r-fork-swap/
  10. Yes, pics show the story. An early shot of the XR forks on and should be able to see the washers I used as spacers for the triple clamps. We have headlight as standard on CRF230s over here in NZ Was a lot of fun building this bike into a better ride
  11. I'm in New Zealand so pricing may not be relevant. Biggest challenge is finding a set of forks in good condition, but they are out there if you look hard enough. I got mine from a guy wrecking a 96 XR250. Only $100nzd (that was cheap for here) Purchased 01 triples from a wrecker for $100. Got some washers to use as spacers. XR stem same except a little longer. Easy bolt together with no machining parts. I also replaced steering head bearings while I was doing the job. Replaced fork seals and oil and was good to go, forks were in really good condition, so I was lucky. They are much better than stock and an easy swap. Cost me about $300 nzd but that includes local bike shop doing the fork seals/oil for me, I did the rest of it myself. Hope this helps
  12. Here's my 230F project. Set it up for me being tall 5' 10 female. Mods as follows: 96-04 XR250 forks & triples 150F raising link. Rebuilt re valved shock XR400 side stand (1" longer than stock & bolts right on). Tall seat foam added with gripper seat Over all seat height now 945mm Off set bar risers and Jimmy Button tall bend renthal bars, provides much more room in the cockpit. Normal uncorking routine (airbox, jetting, uni filter) and full pro circuit T4 exhaust. Mods have made the little bike a far better ride. Hope some of what I have done you may find useful
  13. I did this to my 230 to see what sort of improvement I could make to the stock bike: Upgraded suspension, uncorked, aftermarket exhaust etc, taller seat & off set bar risers and few other minor things. Great trail bike much improved and I plan to ride it for next 6 months, then go get a WR250F, used to ride 4st YZs 10 years ago, so WR will suit my trail needs fairly well. My 2 cents worth: Make a few mods to your 230 ride it to death and then buy the enduro bike you want if the 230 is unable to deliver what you want once your riding has improved. Try a range of machines to make your own mind up. What other people like may not be what you like. [emoji41]
  14. If you are considering buying a trials tyre will you only ever be riding dry tracks? Wouldn't ever consider anything but a decent knobbly front and rear here in NZ. Trail ride yesterday no one would have even left the car park with a trials tyre on. Brake sliding is not faster than well controlled power round corners by the way. Looks flashy but it is not faster.
  15. Fuz71

    Key doesn't work

    It is not hooked up reading through your post. Read the following link on how to disconnect the key. I took mine out on my 230 after putting XR forks & triples, don't need it as it does not work like an ignition as such connected to the battery. Really just an anti theft device. https://www.crfsonly.com/howto/230f/key/key-230f.php