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    2003 CR 250 rear shock clevis

    If i remember correctly there was still 10-12 solid threads on the clevus and the rod is still in great shape, nothing wrong with the threads. i imagine the vibrating of the engine caused the shock rod to vibrate and then at 3-4 threads it just couldn't hold anymore. Tempted to buy some locktite and put it back together with that, anything over 10 threads should be pretty solid. Or maybe I'll just be patient and wait for the right part or decently priced shock assembly pop up.
  2. Looking for some info on a 2003 Honda CR 250 shock. My shock rod started to unscrew from the clevis and ended up pulling out and pulling about 3-4 threads with it. Is the clevis supposed to be able to unscrew? I imagine it is but in all the rebuild videos I watch no one takes the spring off by removing the clevis. Also the clevis is not for sale as a individual part, I was thinking of buying a cheap shock on eBay and just using the clevis since the rest of my shock is still in great shape. Anyone have this issue before and can shed some light on what my best option would be?