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  1. would the red spring also work in a '16 150sx? how do you change it?
  2. i loosened the mounting bolts after reading that and the pipe shifted a little bit so maybe that will fix it because i don't think it always made that noise
  3. ok thank you [emoji1362]
  4. video of the bike making the ping i am talking about
  5. sounds like you have an excessively high float level which will make your jetting rich and cause all the problems you have reported. watch a youtube video on how to set it and then do it. even my bike that was running good had an out of spec float level. setting that is the first step to jetting your bike
  6. for two strokes to make a pinging sound which sounds like it's coming from the pipe? i would attach a video if i knew how but i was just wondering if anyone else's bike does this and if it's safe.
  7. found the missing o ring, installed it and the problem is solved [emoji51]
  8. i am thinking that the problem is not that, i also took the front end apart to re grease the steering bearings at the same time as i did the jetting and i believe that i may have not assembled it right or may have lost a part or remounted the handle bars wrong
  9. or if you can't figure it out an experienced rider/mechanic or a dealership can
  10. take off seat, radiator shrouds, gas tank, side number plates, silencer, take out the bottom two subframe screws (hold on the number plates) loosen top subframe screws, flip up subframe so the air boot is passed the rear shock, and remove carb[emoji1360][emoji1360] long process but works