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  1. WELL WHERES THE FARM?! we're dying over here!
  2. shoot i'd be down for this but im riding red rn so im outta hungry valley till oct.
  3. LOOKING GOOD! I been nursing a sore back and &%$#@!ing with my jetting. Im be back at it soon!
  4. California

    Im down to rip. I gotta try and lean out my bike a little as recommended by Kran so hoefully I'll be all good!
  5. California

    im riding dirty on a red sticker bike right now but I'll hit it if we get a crew together
  6. California

    i wanted an rematch. thank you kran!
  7. California

    im up in there... green tacoma / ktm 300
  8. we can take it from ashy to classy
  9. so we are down for flames and skulls or no?
  10. This guy looks chill. Any takers?
  11. Haha I haven't quite figured out how to do all that custom stuff just yet!
  12. California

    me likey kran man. i have ridden there but i don't remember where i staged up. i'm down though. i'll look where b stagings at
  13. California

    Ay what up fellas. I just posted up in the Los Angeles riders thread but if you guys are linking up this weekend I'm down. I have a red sticker 300 xc if it's that kinda ride...