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  1. I'm in Memphis. Down to ride. I've been to drummon to ride sugar creek. It's okay. There is an old bike trail off mt moriah that is a decent single track but grown in in places and some trees are down. Where else is there to ride in Memphis?
  2. Hello everybody. Like the title says i just bought an 01 today. I'm a complete noob. It takes me about 10-15 kicks to get it going and it doesn't idle. It seems to run fine though. I feel like the old owner didn't take too much care of it. What do i need to do to get it running on the first couple kicks? As for routine maintenance what should i do to go through the bike and what small parts should i replace that probably need to be replace after buying from an owner who didn't do to much? I want to start learning the ins and outs instead of taking it to a shop but maybe i should take it to the shop so they can look at it for the first time? Thanks for your help.