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  1. Dietdewboy

    Chain Slide

    I have the chain and sprockets in hand, was wondering about the guide and stuff
  2. Dietdewboy

    Chain Slide

    I'm planning to change my chain and sprockets as part of my fall maintenance schedule. I was thinking about doing the chain slides, block and rollers at the same time. What do you guy think? OEM? or aftermarket? Yes fall is hear, 31 degrees this morning in norther Wisconsin.
  3. Dietdewboy

    Dirt Trick Sprockets

    I'm starting to question my sprocket decision. I didn't realize I would be spending upwards of $250.00 for something I will probably replace every year.
  4. Dietdewboy

    Dirt Trick Sprockets

    I've decided to pull the trigger on a set of Dirt Trick sprockets for my 02 CR250. What chain would you guys recommend? I'm an old guy, only race a couple times a year mostly riding abandon 2 track roads and a couple trails in Northern WI.
  5. Dietdewboy

    Dam shroud bolts!!

    Thats what I did, spun it with a cordless impact, used a wonder bar behind it a pulled it out while melting it. After removing the frozen bolt, I filled the hole with epoxy, heated the brass insert with a propane torch and pounded it back in. worked amazingly well, dam near perfect!
  6. Dietdewboy

    anti seize

    I'm a little confused about the torque settings for the bolts, should I back off a little on my torque wrench?
  7. Dietdewboy

    anti seize

    What type do you use, I see there are many different kinds
  8. Dietdewboy

    anti seize

    Anyone using any type of anti seize on there aluminum frame bikes? I was thinking about it on all the parts I remove frequently, like seat, shroud that type of stuff.
  9. Dietdewboy

    Dam shroud bolts!!

    I have 2 should bolts that just spin, the previous owner must have put red thread locker on them or something. the receiver nuts in the tank just turn. Anyone every had this happen? how did you fix it? I tried wedging a screw driver back there with no luck.
  10. Dietdewboy

    05 plastics on an 02

    Do you thing 05 fenders and shroud would fit on an 02? I'm trying to get the factory look back for my 02 but plastic shrouds are a tuff find.
  11. Dietdewboy

    Tweaked bars or stearing?

    I think my bars or stearing might be tweaked, when I'm riding the handlebars are not straight with my direction of travel. The bars don't look bent, no marks anywhere on them. I tried the old stratle the front tire and jerk the bars to straighten things out but no luck. Any suggestions on what to do next?
  12. Dietdewboy

    Protaper Henery Reed bend

    Does anyone know the difference between the Protaper Henery Reed bend and the stock bars on a 2002 CR250R? My bike had the Protaper Henery Reed bars on it when I bought it and I'm not loving them too much.
  13. Dietdewboy

    Shroud nuts

    My shroud bolts won't come out, they just spin and spin with some effort of course. I see there are nuts formed into the gas tank that are turning. Any tips on how to get these little pricks out and how to make a real repair so it doesn't happen again?
  14. Dietdewboy

    looking at 00 and an 02

    Good call on the suspension, the guy I bought it from had it setup for a 190 lbs rider. I was 190 once then I turned 16... lol Any tips on setup for a fat guy? 230. Also thinking about getting the Airstriker from JD but I need to learn more about that carb first. I have to say this is the greatest place to just spend time reading, you guys a fantastic help!
  15. Dietdewboy

    looking at 00 and an 02

    Well I pulled the trigger on this 02, pretty excited!