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    KTM 200 EXC Lights Not Working

    bought a 2005 ktm 200 exc and the speedometer seems to be removed. also there is a small metallic pin next to the speedometer mounting, any idea what that is for? I have no knowledge in bikes, and would like to get the lights working as soon as possible.
  2. Hi, I just bought a 2005 ktm 200 Exc and I've been told to remove the spark arrestor in the exhaust, how would I go about doing this? Im from South Africa and don't really have any restrictions on this type of thing I've made the decision to remove it so please don't tell me I shouldn't for whatever reason. I just can't find any information on how to remove it. Exhaust is the k-300
  3. zachariah655

    Budget high displacement dual sports?

    I plan to do 3x3 and jetting, but a lot of the second hand drz400s here have loads of mods done to it already, just a matter of making sure they're running good Thanks for the help guys
  4. zachariah655

    Newbies what bikes should we buy

    Can never go wrong with a yz125
  5. zachariah655

    Budget high displacement dual sports?

    Decision made, drz400 it is
  6. zachariah655

    Budget high displacement dual sports?

    100-150km max, most of the trails are that far away, gas stations everywhere so extended tank isn't needed. I just don't want to screw up my 230 on that long of a distance going 100+kph
  7. zachariah655

    Budget high displacement dual sports?

    I don't doubt that, but I need a 4 stroke that is STOCK legal. If it was stock legal I'd jump on it haha
  8. zachariah655

    Budget high displacement dual sports?

    The crf450x is not stock road worthy, sadly. And road South Africa has strict road regulations that make it hard to road worthy dirt bikes and get license papers for them
  9. So I've been riding a crf230f road legal conversion done, but I need something a little more powerful, and able to ride longer distances on asphalt to get to a trail. I want something light weight and reliable, but also road worthy and inexpensive. Narrowed down to: Suzuki Drz400 BMW G650X challenge Dr650 (although too heavy) Xr650l (heard it lacks bottom end) Ktm, Husqvarna, ccm, husaberg etc are out of bounds (due to price or maintenance issues.) Note: buying second hand