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  1. It ran like crap before the rebuild because the skirt was broke . I bought it like that though. And take a pic of what ?
  2. I just rebuilt the top end on my bike with a new sleeve and reeds and everything and for some reason its bogging out really bad if i try to get into it and also wont idle .. any ideas on what would cause this? Im guessing carb and will check it out when i get a chance i just want to see what you guys think.
  3. And also would a yz490 exhaust fit on a wr500?
  4. Thats what i like to hear! . If i were to keep my jug (wr500) and put the 490 sleeve in it and get a stock wr500 piston and rings. Will all of that fit right?
  5. Okay thanks! And you know how the cylinder has the two ends that stick out and go in the bottom end? One of those broke off . Not sure how else to describe it lol
  6. I have a 92 wr500 and it looks like its sleeved and bored . I absolutely do not know a thing about these bikes . But the sleeve is broke on one side and i need it re sleeved and also will need top end rebuilt. Any tips on where to get parts?
  7. Will a yz490 jug fit on my wr500 bottom end? If not . Where could i get my wr500 jug re sleeved?