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  1. Calab Stinnet

    Crf150r vs crf150rb help

    I ride at windrock and other trails and do alot of hill climbs. But iam tired of having to be on the rev limiter constantly I love the power a four stroke produces but iam not comfortable on the size of the 250 way to tall even after IV lower it
  2. Calab Stinnet

    Crf150r vs crf150rb help

    Hello guys iam needing some help well more like clarity IV rode all my life and can handle any bike my problem is iam 5'5 and only 120lbs iam wanting the power of a four stroke but wanna stay around the same bike size as my kx 125. So iam researching g the 150 basically just need to know what or is there a big difference in the 150r and 150rb