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    XL600R Tach and temp gauge?

    top tip yes, thanks
  2. RuiCunha

    XL600R Tach and temp gauge?

    thanks just ordered th dipstick. my friend has the vapor and its cool indeed.. but i like analogue
  3. Hey, glad to be here & thanks for having me on this one I have more questions than answers, if anyone has the wisdom to share would be great.. I own a sweet 1987 XL600R, 30k km.. Just took her from London to Lisbon, 3000km, no motorways.. a lot of fun no problems but she didnt like the heat on the last stretch.. it has the standard speedo. the dakar version had a tachometer, no temp. I found one of these on Ebay and was wondering if the engine is the same, it should just be easy to plug in? I just cant find where it goes. the other thing with the temp gauge, that only thing I found was the disptick gauge option. has anyone had any experience with this? thanks in advance.