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  1. top tip yes, thanks
  2. thanks just ordered th dipstick. my friend has the vapor and its cool indeed.. but i like analogue
  3. Hey, glad to be here & thanks for having me on this one I have more questions than answers, if anyone has the wisdom to share would be great.. I own a sweet 1987 XL600R, 30k km.. Just took her from London to Lisbon, 3000km, no motorways.. a lot of fun no problems but she didnt like the heat on the last stretch.. it has the standard speedo. the dakar version had a tachometer, no temp. I found one of these on Ebay and was wondering if the engine is the same, it should just be easy to plug in? I just cant find where it goes. the other thing with the temp gauge, that only thing I found was the disptick gauge option. has anyone had any experience with this? thanks in advance.