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  1. Kylef32

    02 ktm 300 mxc

    I did thanks man $$$$ about 500 bucks for nine and outer clutch hubs
  2. Kylef32

    02 ktm 300 mxc

    Thank you for the quick reply!! But they are sold out DAMMIT. do you know of the 02 300mxc and 02 400exc share the same basket? Is that a ton part number in the link you sent? Thank you Kyle
  3. Kylef32

    02 ktm 300 mxc

    I need a.link or recommndations for a new clutch basket for my 02 ktm 300mxc thank you
  4. Kylef32

    I need help with my new exells

    Thanks nate I thought about that but do I just bring in an example? Or drawing?
  5. My buddy gave me his brand new exells from the 2016 yz450f je just bought. I tried fitting them up but his wheels come factory 245mm rotor in the rear and 270mm in the front. Where as my 300 is a 220mm in the rear and a 250mm in the front I have found a bracket adapter to run the front 270mm but I can't find anything for the back. I tryed swapping rotors but the hub bolt pattern is not the same and mines a 5/16 bolt and his are a 10mm so long story short. If anyone knows where to located a 220mm rear rotor for a 2016 yz450f, or a ktm 245 or 250mm braket adapter for the rear. Thank you I am struggling with the Google machine.
  6. Kylef32

    Air Bleeder help please

    Thanks weapons. I figured but never had this happen before wanted a second opinion
  7. So we went riding bike got laid down hand guard snapped front fork bleeder what do I do try and extract it? Any help greatly appreciated
  8. Kylef32

    Yz250 1998 model

    What elevation are you at? Jd jetting kits take damn near all the guess work out of the equation I would recommend that and just adjust the needle clip.
  9. Kylef32

    Ktm 300 jetting

    I want with the 38mm because that what was on my bike a pwk38. And honestly I've noticed more torque when not on the pipe since the swap. And way better fuel efficiency seems like the thing sips rather than gulps the only adjustment I had to do was raise the idle a quarter turn when I got starts first kick even after sitting. I don't know if the new reeds play a part in the low end also but I'm sure it is a contributing factor I hope you get it right. The lectron was 421 from slavens racing they are good people.
  10. Kylef32

    Ktm 300 jetting

    I was having the same issue at sea level. With the occasional trip to high elevation I was so tired of re jetting my bike so I put a lectron 38mm on it and HOLY SHIT NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENCE also I just replaced my 3'S with 4's and it came alive. If you can afford the coin go with a lectron no jets just a metering rod. 02 ktm 300 mxc
  11. So I just got this bike and have a hell of a time working out the kinks replaced the clutch end tryed to get this damn thing jetted right to no avail. Pulled my reeds and HOLY SMOKES WTH HAPPENED one reed petal snapped Gone one petal cracked and honey combing I think this could be greatly affecting the jetting (insert sarcasm) and bogging in half to full throttle. But did the other petal get sucked into the jug and dissinigrate? Or what?
  12. Kylef32

    Help please

    Thanks man all great info they are after market v force reeds but you are right I have no idea when they were installed.
  13. Kylef32

    Help please

    I can get to about 1/2 throttle and it bogs I'm at the last clip on the lean needle from jd's kit it still spits not as bad but it still bogs out and I adjusted the pilot air and idle while hot those seem right on I may just buy a new carb
  14. Kylef32

    Help please

    Ok dropping the tip of the needle creates a richer or leaner mix? I'll raise it 2 right now
  15. Kylef32

    Help please

    I just got this bike it looks like it definitely has some hours on the petals are good from inspection but the boot has some weather checking on it. You mean drop the clip toward the point of the needle?