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  1. Loganclark73

    Transmission oil breather leak

    It wasn’t down for long. Maybe ten seconds. And yes it’s engine to tranny side as far as I can tell. I’m gonna keep checking it and probably replace the seals for pm if nothing else.
  2. Loganclark73

    Transmission oil breather leak

    Well when I drained the engine and trans the engine side had almost no oil in it. Maybe 100cc.
  3. Loganclark73

    Transmission oil breather leak

    It was definitely the trans vent tube coming from the right side of the engine on the lower case. I had a bout a square foot of oil on the garage floor under the bike. I had about four hours on the previous oil change so no recent changes. Trans oil was about 400cc over spec after it already drained out of the vent tube. I’ve put about a half hour on it since draining and refilling both engine and trans to spec but have not been able to measure a change in engine oil level on the dipstick. It’s stayed consistent through three heat cycles now.
  4. Loganclark73

    Transmission oil breather leak

    The last ride before I noticed the leak I was trail riding. Last 1/4 mile of trail I over shot the corner laid it over. It wasn’t violent, just didn’t get a good footing in the vegetation before I was too far over to stop myself. Could that have done it?
  5. Loganclark73

    Transmission oil breather leak

    I guess I’ll be replacing all the seals I can with out splitting the cases. Definitely no blockage in my vent hoses or in the valve cover. I put about a half an hour on it today checking the dipstick level periodically and never had a change. I don’t want something just letting lose tho and smoking the engine because I don’t notice a leak while riding
  6. Loganclark73

    Transmission oil getting in my crankcase

    Are these the same seals that will fail and cause oil to leak from the crank side to the trans side?
  7. Loganclark73

    Transmission oil breather leak

    Definitely had too much oil in the trans side. Not much on the engine side. No blockage from the breathers that I could see. Refilled oil and ran it for about 15 mins with a short ride and it still reading on the dipstick and no oil leaking out of the hose. The rate it was leaking the other day I would have expected it to start leaking again by now
  8. Loganclark73

    Transmission oil breather leak

    That’s one of the things I’m going to do tonight. Drain and measure both and refill to correct specification.
  9. Loganclark73

    Transmission oil breather leak

    Hey guys, I have an 07 crf250r that started puking oil out of the transmission breather tube after a short ride around the cul de sac and then letting it idle in the garage. I’ve put about three hours on it with the same oil so no recent changes in oil capacity. I’m going to check my crank case breather hose tonight to check and see if there’s a blockage causing excess pressure but I didn’t know if this was a common thing.
  10. Loganclark73

    07 250r Revival

    Will I need to email factory connection to request the ICS piston and cartridge seals? I can't seem to find them anywhere. Or any seals under NOK. Needed or not I want to completely rebuild the forks while I'm in there to help maintain service intervals and such.
  11. Loganclark73

    07 250r Revival

    Awesome information man I really appreciate it. I'll look over things and keep updating as I work my way through the bike.
  12. Loganclark73

    07 250r Revival

    From what I can tell the engine has been untouched other than oil changes. No witness marks on anything. Fork seals are leaking some so I was planning on replacing those. Is there a specific brand of seals and bushings for the forks to avoid the internal leaks?
  13. Loganclark73

    07 250r Revival

    Hey guys, I picked up an 07 250r a couple weeks ago and I'm looking to get back into track riding and local racing. The bike is low hours and hardly ridden by the two previous owners. Front tire still dates back to 07 even. Looking for any advice on model specific things to consider while I get this thing track ready aside from general maintenance. Thanks everyone