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    What pipe and silencer should I buy for my 2005 CR250?

    Your bikeLooks awesome dude! Trying to upload a pic,it took foreve! As you can see the pipe is dented in a few places.I'm kind of skeptical about riding it because it has dents in it right by the area where it comes off of the motor.I heard that you can blow the motor if that area has dents in the pipe,don't know if it's true or not.I also have to get a set of radiator guards for it cause 1 is missing.Besides those things the bike is in great shape,I just got it last weekend.It's a 2005.
  2. Chris Carey

    What pipe and silencer should I buy for my 2005 CR250?

    Thanx Doug for your advice,I was leaning towards FMF but wasn't 100% sure but now that I read your post going with FMF is the smart choice.I appreciate you going into detail about what each brand has to offer and what each type can do for my bike.I'm definitely gona go with the FMF FATTY and POWERCORE 2 SILENCER.Thanx for the helpful advice dude,much appreciated! O by the way,,your bike looks badass,I really like it,what year is it?
  3. Chris Carey

    What pipe and silencer should I buy for my 2005 CR250?

    That sounds like a good combo,I always liked FMF,never heard anything about Procircuit or knew anyone that had them until recently found out from a friend that he ran Procircuit on his CR's. But I'm gona do some research on prices for the FMF fatty and powercore,is there any specific model for the powercore or do they only make 1 model of the powercore? Thanx by the way for your advice,I appreciate it!
  4. I have a 2005 CR250 and I want to get a new pipe and silencer and I'm deciding between an FMF pipe and silencer combo or Procircuit Platinum pipe and silencer combo,don't know what combo to go with.I don't race but I do occasionally go to a practice track and I also trail ride.Can anyone offer their opinion as to which of the two I should go with and why.Thanx!