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  1. mpm32

    Freshened up my 2000 CR250

    Geez you work clean. I don't even want to go in my garage after seeing those pics. Nice work!
  2. mpm32

    Possible DIY fix or just send it out?

    Awhile back, I watched these in case I needed to fix mine. Might help.
  3. mpm32

    08 450 XCF

    Hi, I am new to KTM/dirtbikes as well. I recently got the smaller brother of yours 2008 250 XCF. I asked the same question as the Motorex is crazy expensive. It seems like most here and others on the internet like Rotella. T4 or T6. I've been using the T4 and it seems to be working well. Everything seems to be running well.
  4. The low seat will help. I just got an XCF(First KTM/dirtbike as an adult @ 50 yo) 5'8" and a 30" inseam. I thought how the heck am I going to ride this thing. Got the low seat rode it some on my back property trails first time out, I dropped it a bunch, boy that was a workout. Second time dropped it less, now after a handful of times out, I am much more comfortable and I don't notice the height as much.
  5. Get a Ford truck, they have keypad entry. I have an Expedition and I never carry my keys. But that's quite a leap from wearing a backpack ;-) Or just wear a key around your neck on a ball chain or string.
  6. mpm32

    New guy, old/ish bike

    The mobile stand is from Harbor Freight. I have one. It works well for a harbor freight item. I use it on my KTM, Just used it on my Scag lawnmower and I think it will come in handy when I install a 3" lift kit on my wife's jeep.
  7. mpm32

    What next?

    That's a nice looking XR200! This is great! Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer my questions and provide awesome advice!
  8. mpm32

    What next?

    It's a 250.
  9. mpm32

    What next?

    Awesome! Thank you all for your advice. I just got a 2008 KTM XC-F that he says he will get when he's big enough - lol. I asked him what I will ride? He said I can buy a newer bike at that point. Love how they can spend our money. I will look for a CRF150F/KLX140L/TTR125LE/DRZ-125L. Not sure a MX bike will be suitable for where we ride. Thanks again, I will keep my eye out.
  10. mpm32

    What next?

    He's already learning a little about the difference between the 2 and 4 stroke. His friends come over and ride for hours. I heard him talking to his friend with the KTM 105. They were talking about this decent we have on one trail. His 2-stroke friend said make sure your using your brakes on that downhill. My son said what brakes, I just put it in 3rd and ride down with no throttle. He asked me about that and I told them it's the engine braking of a four stroke. Thanks for all of the suggestions so far, the KX100 looks good if I can get him on a 2-stroke or maybe a CRF150F if he insists on a 4-stroke.
  11. mpm32

    What next?

    He's only around 5'1" so we would need something in between the XR100R and a full size.
  12. mpm32

    What next?

    He has not ridden the 105 yet but his friend would surely let him. Seat height is definitely a factor and I can find lists of bikes with their seat height but since we're pretty new to this, I would need to find him something that fits height wise and displacement wise. I have no idea how an XR100R compares to other Jr bikes. I don't want to get him something that he's scared to ride - lol.
  13. Hi, My son just turned 13. He's currently on a 2000 XR100R that he's doing well on(first bike). We ride woods and trails. He's grown around 6 inches since we got it last year. He's flat footed with a bend in his knee. Although we're not ready just yet to get him a newer/used bike, I am always trolling the usual sites looking at bikes, never know when you will find what you're looking for. It would be helpful to know what I should be looking for in his next bike. His friend has a KTM 105 2 stroke that seems like it would be a good next step in terms of size, (not sure if it's really good for him in the woods or trails). Also, I hardly come across those in used ads. So what do you think would be a good next bike?
  14. mpm32

    What the....?

    I am going to go with the time-sert. Although it's going to have to wait a bit since there is a cross brace on the frame that will prevent me from accessing the drain hole with the tools straight on. I'll have to take the motor off the frame partially to do it right. I want to ride now so it will wait until I have some down time.
  15. mpm32

    What the....?

    I knew I saw that thing somewhere - on the bottom of my compressor tanks! I guess I'll order the helicoil kit and fix it right. https://www.amazon.com/Heli-Coil-554412-M12-1-5-Metric/dp/B000CMHVLM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1523714876&sr=8-1&keywords=helicoil+12x1.5 Or should I go with the Time-sert kit? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003SER3PA/ref=aag_m_pw_dp?ie=UTF8&m=A2J41G0RQ2IUXB Anyone have any experience with the time-sert? I've only used helicoil before but this looks a little better.