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  1. Lo311

    Carb issue

    So I took out the carb today. I adjusted the ap a bit and did the o ring mod and I attached my tank to my carb to test the fuel coming from the ap. It squirts towards the left and seems to hit the needle... and seems rather weak. Still tinkering with it and doing research.
  2. Lo311

    Carb issue

    No I dont
  3. Lo311

    Carb issue

    I will try that tomorrow. Sounds like that could be the reason. That wouldn't affect it with the choke on though? I realize with the choke on and less air you would need less fuel to make a good air to fuel ratio but I can hold it at less than quarter throttle without the choke and it will bog the entire time and the accelerator pump only pumps fuel initially.
  4. Lo311

    Carb issue

    Stock needle 3rd clip
  5. Lo311

    Carb issue

    Hey guys. New to the forum here. I have a 2008 YZ450f. I recently have had some carb issues. The bike starts up and idles just fine. When I give it throttle it hesitates like crazy til quarter throttle. When I blip the throttle decently fast it will kill it. After quarter throttle it seems to run fine. I originally thought it was the leak jet since I had messed the threads up trying to get out a leak jet that broke. I then bought a r&d power bowl so I could cross that out. I am running the leak jet at 50 through the adjustment but that did not change this issue. The bike does not do this with the choke on. It made me think that the pilot jet could be the problem because maybe it was running lean but the pilot jet is a 45 and it doesn't seem like even being slightly lean would give it this much of an issue. The main jet is 162 and everything else is stock. I live almost at sea level. Any ideas?