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  1. westcastlerider

    Power Jet #40

    So I'm continuing to try and figure out my jetting, it's the first time I've had to jet a bike. Here is my current setting: 2017 YZ250X Pilot: 42 Main: 172 Needle: N3EW - Clip 2 Power Jet: 40 I live at 3800' but typically ride at 4500' and up. I tried Kingers settings but as soon as i went up in elevation it didn't run well unfortunately. Jetting feels pretty good now, but seems maybe I'm a little lean on the needle since I've gone to a smaller pilot and main. Here is a plug chop test I did at home, 3800'. Does it look too lean? If you look deep inside at the bottom of the insulator it appears dark.
  2. westcastlerider

    RK head vs RB head for YZ250X

    RK Tek can cut your stock head which is quite a bit cheaper then buying the 2 piece head. I'm curious if anyone has done this and the results?
  3. westcastlerider

    Power Jet #40

    That plug looks really good. I just got the 40 power jet in and like others have stated, it idles so much better. Took it for a little ride around the yard and it feels like its running well. I have the same jetting as you right now, gonna run it for the time being. Might have to go a little leaner in the future as I typically ride 4000' and up. Two stroke jetting is new to me so I'm gonna play it on the safe side. Bike is a 2017 250X, 40:1 Interceptor, basically stock except for GYTR Flywheel and guards/protection parts.
  4. westcastlerider

    Power Jet #40

    I see a lot of people are really liking the 40 power jet at lower elevations. I'm wondering if many people have tried it out at higher elevation? I ride from 3800' and up. If so what are the rest of your carb settings?
  5. westcastlerider

    YZ250X Lights Setup

    That's good to know about lithium batteries, I think I'll switch over to a different battery type. A fire is the last thing I want...
  6. westcastlerider

    YZ250X Lights Setup

    I'm in the process of adding a headlight and taillight to my 17 250X. I'm considering mounting a rechargeable battery in the air box. The battery fits in there but takes up a lot of room. By taking up a significant amount of space should I be concerned with restricting airflow to air filter?
  7. westcastlerider

    Powervalve Seal Orientation

    ok perfect, thanks for the help
  8. westcastlerider

    Powervalve Seal Orientation

    I'm just replacing the powervalve seal on my yz250x, did a leak down test and it was leaking. Just wanted to verify the direction the seal sits before i get it all back together. Do the lips of the seal face towards the linkage and the flat side in towards the powervalve?