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  1. jcodyj

    Cracked clutch cover

    So I just got my new slave cylinder installed under warranty. (oberon coming very soon) Today was the first ride and I dumped it in some rough single track. When I picked the bike up I saw a deep scuff and a tiny hair line crack, not enough damage to leak oil but enough to replace it before next weekend. My bike is a 17 fe501, will a 2016 clutch cover fit on my bike? If so would it be the fe501s or the fe501? (2017 only makes the fe501 and there all street legal) The only reason I ask is because I like the boyesen cover and I can't find one for a 2017 thanks in advance guys! Cody
  2. jcodyj

    2017 fe 501 questions

    I dropped the 501 off at the dealer today. I'll see what they do for me. That might be the best bet tho. You TT guys are pretty awesome, if there's no solution to a problem you guys find a company and talk them into making a solution!
  3. jcodyj

    2017 fe 501 questions

    Thanks a for a great answer Mark, I see the 5 pages of answers to my questions just below. Now I feel like an idiot for asking when all of my answers are in another thread, but thanks again I'm under warranty but u think I'll order the suggested Oberon slave just for piece of mind!
  4. jcodyj

    2017 fe 501 questions

    I have a 2017 husqvarna fe 501 that I bought new. It's mostly stock, it has zeta led blinkers up front and a Sicass racing tail light assembly with led blinkers in back. 13/48 sprockets, and that's about it with 700 miles on it... Today riding single track I went down and laid the bike down on the clutch side, when I picked it up I had no clutch pressure. After pumping the clutch I had pressure so I rode directly to the trail head and loaded in the truck. I went home and bled the clutch assuming I had air in the line, only to find very little fluid. After bleeding and refilling the clutch was fine, but I later noticed a check engine light on for about 5 mins. After shutting the bike off the light went off and never came back on. Now I'm confused and don't know if it is something I should worry about or not? This is the first bike I've ever owned that has a check engine light so any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks all, Cody.