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  1. So I was riding around my property with my 2005 CRF450R and I stop and turned the bike off to lube the chain. Then when I went to start it again I pulled the hot start lever and it just sputtered and back fired and kept doing that whenever I kicked it over. I let it cool down and tried again and the same thing happened. I have no idea what could’ve gone wrong as it was running perfectly when I turned it off. Any input would be much appreciated.
  2. Thank you for the idea I’ll definitely take a crack at that
  3. So when I was putting my camshafts back in and putting the head back onto my 2004 kx250f I got the timing slightly off and didn’t realize until I took it back apart after it wouldn’t start. Then I saw that one of my camshaft caps was broken so I bought a new/used one off eBay and when I installed it the bike is now extremely hard to turn over. My guess is that since that cam cap wasn’t made specifically for that head a couple clearances are off so it drags a lot. I talked to my dad who has been a home mechanic for 30+ years and he said I should just try to run it like that but I feel like there is too much drag for it to start. What should I do besides buying a whole new head?
  4. Thanks i will try this
  5. I’m doing (well trying to) a top end on my kx250f and I have everything apart except I can’t get the wrist pin out. It slides back and forth in the piston but won’t come all the way out. Yes I know there’s a special tool but I don’t have it and don’t wanna spend money for it. How can I remove it with out special tools? Also there seems to be some coolant in the oil of the crank case and I’m not really sure how to replace it. Thanks for any info in advance!
  6. Okay so I have a 2002 wr426f and want to put a snowbike kit on it but all the fit kits for em are for 2005 wr450f’s and newer. I’m wondering how different could the bikes be and would the fit kit for a newer bike fit my 426. Thanks for any info in advance.
  7. Just do it at the track or wherever you ride so you don’t piss of anyone or just drain it cold. Problem solved
  8. Get the 250x you’ll regret buying a fourstroke after a few weeks of riding it. Plus the extra weight will make your life way harder when your knee deep in mud and/or rocks. Once your go two stroke you never go back
  9. Thanks for the info
  10. I found a pretty good deal on a 2001 YZ250 and just was wondering if they’re are common issues with it that I should take note of. Thanks in advance!
  11. Get back out riding with all the gear you feel you need and go back to the spot where you hurt yourself and conquer the place where you got hurt. Don’t give up riding because in a few years you’ll regret it.
  12. Okay thanks for the info
  13. So I shouldn’t worry about the hissing then?
  14. On my 2004 kx250f the previous owner seemed to have broken one of the engine plugs and he replaced it with an Allen bolt that doesn’t cover the whole area where the proper plug would have gone. This bike has always had a starting issue where it just took lots of work to start it and I usually ended up having to bump it. I’ve also noticed that it sounds like there is an air leak and I located it to the smaller engine plug. Could this be the source of my starting issue? Thanks
  15. I’m really not sure because I just found a way of driving the oil seal in after putting it all together ish a few months ago