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  1. Marcelo pva

    Help suspension cr 250

    my doubt is whether this change will give a lot of difference in the absorption of impact
  2. Marcelo pva

    Help suspension cr 250

    I will make this change and test, a doubt: keeping the first blade 17 would not give a little difference in the damping?
  3. Marcelo pva

    Help suspension cr 250

    I disassembled the mid valve and found the following batteries as attached, someone could help me? It is hard to absorb stones. if I need to add another sheet I have a reserve for replacement. remembering that my weight is 145lbs
  4. Marcelo pva

    Suspension Adjustment

    I have a ktm 300 xcw 2014 and I have problem in the suspension, I have 150lbs and I can not find the ideal suspension point I tried to follow the manual and leave in comfort but the bike still gets hard and in any stone on the way I feel the knock on the handlebar recently I changed the oil and put 5w, could someone help me with the clicks to try to help me?