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  1. racer865

    2013 vs 2017 Beta 300 RR Low End

    New piston ,rings, and replate cyl and only getting 140 psi? doesnt sound right to me should be around 170-180 i would think. Maybe borrow a different compression guage and test again
  2. racer865

    Feedback on the 125 rr smoker needed

    Good to hear and im hoping the new 200 is the same with just a bit more torque!
  3. racer865

    If you could buy one Beta right now what would it be??

    I was told by local dealer there would be no race edition 200 in 2019 but probably would be in 2020
  4. racer865

    Crusty piston from oil injection

    Good to know thanks for info
  5. racer865

    Any 2018 125 RR owners out there?

  6. racer865

    Crusty piston from oil injection

    Figured that would be too easy lol
  7. racer865

    Any 2018 125 RR owners out there?

    What are u guys using for spark arresters on the 125 silencers?
  8. racer865

    Crusty piston from oil injection

    I was told u can temporarily disable the system just by pulling the line off the intake and plug the line say for a race where u dont mind premixing. Is this true or do u have to remove the whole system to run premix?
  9. racer865

    03 cr125 a good flowing singletrack bike ?

    Thanks for your replys guys! Your answers kinda confirmed what i already suspected. I raced a yz125 for a couple seasons in enduro and really liked it but recently ran across a super clean low hours cr125 and it got me wondering. I will keep looking Thanks
  10. Title says it all, input anyone Thanks
  11. racer865

    New Beta 200 ride review

    Not sure about 125 but when i put my deposit on the 200 i asked whether beta would offer a race edition later in the year and was told no for 2019. But our right theres not that big of a difference other than forks. Not a deal breaker for me
  12. racer865

    New Beta 200 ride review

    No race edition 200 for 2019 according to my dealer
  13. racer865

    2019 Beta's

    My dealer confirmed there will be a 200 coming out in 2019 but he said beta usa was being tight lipped about the specifics of how the bike will be equipped component wise.
  14. racer865

    crfx suspension on cr250?

    Thanks for the info guys
  15. racer865

    crfx suspension on cr250?

    Will 04crfx forks and shock work for an offroad setup on my 03cr250? Want to keep stock suspension as is for occasional track days and swap out to crfx susp for trail riding Will this work? thanks