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  1. My dealer confirmed there will be a 200 coming out in 2019 but he said beta usa was being tight lipped about the specifics of how the bike will be equipped component wise.
  2. Thanks for the info guys
  3. Will 04crfx forks and shock work for an offroad setup on my 03cr250? Want to keep stock suspension as is for occasional track days and swap out to crfx susp for trail riding Will this work? thanks
  4. It would but unfortunely i dont have that info Its a basket of parts deal and seller isnt sure about year but says the crfx didnt change from year to year much I dont know anything bout the fourstrokes so was hoping someone else would lol
  5. Will the seat and wheels off a crfx fit my 03 cr250?
  6. Mine were silver but the black ones do get trashed alot easier than silver. You can touch up the scratchs on black with a perm marker but u have to do it after ride which can be a pain
  7. Aint that the truth! Im not an orange bike hater but they have gotten crazy expensive. Rode a buddys 17 ktm 300 this weekend and its nice but i wasnt any faster on it than i am on my 03 cr250
  8. Knox enduro in knoxville tn has an 2018 300 sittin on the showroom floor redy to go! Give gary a call (865) 308 0330
  9. Cant help with the ebay wheels as i havent ran them but the warp 9 wheels are solid. Ran a set for 3 fullseasons ofsetra and natl enduros and never had hiccup.
  10. Thanks guys Losing bottom doesnt bother me as im coming off a 125 the CR feels like a torque monster to me lol. Being able to just set it and forget it and get better milage also is pretty appealing. Now just have to sell a kidney to afford a new carb.
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. Still undecided was just thinking that with the better milage a lectron gives maybe i could keep the stock tank im running and not have to buy a afermarket large tank,that would offset the cost a bit? Thoughts?
  12. Tired of chasing jetting on the stock mikuni and was wondering if anyone had experience with the lectron on their cr. I got several buddies running them on ktms and they love them. Im on a 03 cr250
  13. try raising the needle clip to first groove and see how it does It doesnt cost anything and only takes afew minutes and is easily reversed if you dont feel it helps