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  1. Kurt58

    Drz400s carb help

    Couple of easy things to check to narrow it down. Disconnect fuel line from petcock check for good flow. Drain float bowl using drain screw. I drained and measured mine got 33 ml or a little over an ounce. If you have a lot more or less you have a problem with your float setting or needle and valve. Too little will result in a lean mixture too much rich. I'm too new to this carb to know how far outofspec causes problems. Consensus seems to be your running too lean in pilot system. If float system is good seems to me all that all that is left is a large vacuum leak or a badly clogged pilot system. Somebody please correct me if I'm off target. You've said the needles are clean, that leaves internall passages. My carb has two capped vacuumed lines, I replaced both. Once again I am new to carb so have noidea how bad a leak has to be. Help anyone? Everything I read says pilot system controls low end acceleration. An intermittent sticking float needle results in all sorts of symptoms both rich and lean, drove me nuts for a week.
  2. Kurt58

    Drz400s carb help

    Damn that sucks. I didn't do a good job of the screen shot of the atachment I posted a couple of posts back. The title was CV carb tuning from the Mikuni Manual. It is specifically for your Mikuni BSR 36 and similar models. Will bike idle with mixture screw closed? If so your float system is not working. I rebuilt mine with a balls out kit, the needle dragged and hung up in the float valve, trash. I cleaned old brass valve and transferred o ring and filter screen now it works. As I previously posted I also set float height at 15 mm had it set before in middle of spec at 13.5mm, it was leaking and causing bike to run rich at that setting. Also you should be adjusting the floats with the carb at about a 15 degree angle - just when the tab begins to touch needle. Have you pulled the spark plug and checked its condition? Is it sooty I.e. Running to rich. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  3. Kurt58

    Drz400s carb help

    Set my floats to 15mm per attachment above, bikes running great. Pilot adjust screw now works per specs, bike ran with pilot screw fully closed before. JD red needle clip 3, 150 main, 25 pilot. 5000 ft. Full disclosure, I also flipped needle jet had it in upside down.
  4. Kurt58

    Drz400s carb help

    Let us know. This may help to dial in tuning. Right now my carb is kicking my butt.
  5. Kurt58

    Drz400s carb help

    I had similar problems. There was an old o -ring jammed in the cavity below the mixture screw seat. I read an old post where another member found an old broken off mixture screw pin in the same area. Good luck.