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    03 Kx250 bogging

    Pulled the spark plug and its near perfect. Typically ride at less than 50ft above sea level and in temps between 80-95 F here in southern Florida
  2. Abell3

    03 Kx250 bogging

    Recently while riding down a trail, my bike suddenly began bogging and not running correctly. It felt as if the ignition was incorrect and was only igniting every 2 or 3 cycles of the piston. It bogged at all speeds in all gears and the only way to keep it running was by quick flicks of the throttle. Constant or no throttle would cause it to die. The piston is not seized and still has great compression. Clogged jet? Bad stater? Broken connections? Any thoughts? I use 92 octane mixed 40:1 with maxima 927 premix.
  3. I recently purchased a restored kx250 and rebuilt the motor. Everything in the motor is new except for the clutch carb, and cylinder head. Everything else has less than 4 hours on it so far. I recently began hearing a vibrating noise appearing to come from the bottom end. It is more noticeable on the right side of the motorcycle and gets around 80% quieter when I pull in the clutch lever. Any ideas on what it could be? i recorded a video Here