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  1. kufus

    DRZ400SM EU DJ jetting

    Hi, I have been to US last month so i managed to buy JD jetting kit and replace it today. Bike runs more smoothly, almost without hesitation but blip throttle from idle in my opinion can be better. I used reccomended settings based my altitude, etc. so I placed 155 MJ, 25 PJ, and blue needle at 3rd clip. I am not really sure about 25 PJ vs 22,5 PJ. There is almost no change in sound or rpm if i turn in or out fuel screw so I am not sure if i should put back 22,5 PJ or not. I know EU version has bigger main air jet (EU - 165, US - 135) with solenoid valve + pair air. I have restricted solenoid but no pair air in exhaust. I read that if the turn in or out of micture screw will not change anything I should use bigger or smaller PJ, but in this case if I put 25PJ along with EU 165 main air jet I should be fine, am I right? Also PJ/micture screw settings affect bliping throttle from idle, right? Thanks!
  2. kufus

    DRZ400SM EU DJ jetting

    Thanks. I already know JD is better than DJ but I don't want to spend more money on another jet kit so I will try the best to tune DJ first. I have already needle at #2 before (according to DJ stage 2 default instructions - 150 MJ, #2,etc.) and now at #3. So I guess my next step will be to try smaller MJ with needle on #3.
  3. kufus

    DRZ400SM EU DJ jetting

    Hello all. I need some help with jetting my european DRZ400SM, my current configuration is as follows: - 3x3 mod, restricted solenoid valve, stock exhaust, Twin Air foam filter - Mikuni 36, Dynojet Stage 2 (3110.002 - U.S. only) - 150 MJ, DJ needle, 3rd clip, 3,5 turns out (22,5) I tried to set jetting according to manual and then change it to as above (and multiple anothers combination), but its still not the best configuration. Here are my symptoms - Bike runs fine, fine acceleration, but has a flat spot before 6000 RPM (calculated by current gear and speed) and while cruising. After it gets over 6k RPM it runs fine and strong. Before that and while cruising there is slight hesitation. I had needle on 5th clip before (for a long time), recently i have changed it to the 3rd and its mutch better, but with hesitation as i descibed above. I want to try change needle to 4th so I will see if it helps, then try to use one size smaller main jet and needle to 2th but I want to check it with you before I will try this - I don't have all day to trying it Today I was testing main jet again and I think its run a little bit better (just a little :D) without side cover -> so it's probably rich. My questions: Do you know on which elevation is Dynojet tested? I am on cca 400m (1300 ft) above the sea with temperatures around 23°C (73°F) so I would like to make a sure the reccomended settings for Dynojet Stage 2 will work for me. Also I read that DRZ eu model has different air jet so I am also not sure if i don't need to change anything else than what comes with DJ by default. If you have any suggestions on jetting that may works, please comment :). Also I am enclosing current spark plug - i guess the color is ok, maybe a little bit rich. Thank you.
  4. Hello, is this movement normal? It behaves the same when is any gear engaged. Thank you