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    SM to S convertion question

    Hello everyone, I was looking to pick up a DRZ400s and stumbled upon an amazing deal for an SM. I am in the process of swapping out the wheels/tires and collecting everything. I am ok with the forks and larger brake rotors. I have purchased a set of stock S model wheels with gears (15/44) and I would like to re-using them if possible. I think the "S" has a 112 link chain and the "SM" has a 110. I will get a set of the SM rotors. Can I use the 15/44 gears with the 21/18" wheels and the stock chain or do I need a longer chain? The 15/44 gears are ok on the SM, right? Which speedo should I get to be the most accurate? S or SM? I have read the SM kickstand is too short once the larger wheels are on, is it tolerable or should I replace it too?