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  1. BilK

    Any Non-OHV Riding places?

    15 bucks a season is really pretty minor considering I pay double that for 1 trip to Milestone or Pala, but I do get your point. Again, we were just trying to give the guy options, and maybe to him 15 bucks is worth it. It may or may not be justified, but for a red sticker bike it's an option.
  2. BilK

    Any Non-OHV Riding places?

    The season pass is 15 bucks; it really does not break the bank. I can not speak to terrain as I have not been there in eons, i was just providing options.
  3. BilK

    Any Non-OHV Riding places?

    They do, they just don't care what color it is. you can ride year around with a red sticker.
  4. BilK

    Any Non-OHV Riding places?

    I think this was asked in another forum but I will answer anyway. Tracks are your answer if you have no spark arrester. IF you do have one, then Cal City( see link below) is definitely an option as well as the dunes( Glamis. etc.) I usually just use the time in the summer to get some track time in, though it is hot everywhere you can ride. I know folks that go to Barstow and Johnson Valley with red sticker bikes in the summer and remain low profile, and while not condoning it, have not had issues. I have heard of nasty fines if you do that, but have not heard of a soul getting one. http://www.calcitypd.org/dirt.html
  5. BilK

    best exhaust for 2015 ktm 250sx

    I had a 2013 250sx that I switched to a FMF Gnarly pipe and silencer from a Pro Circuit, got damaged real bad during a fall on a hill. It seemed to get a little more grunt at the bottom; not sure how noticeable and I might be concerned the I was victim to the Placebo Affect. Now I do not ride single track or super technical stuff, so someone else can answer to that. I am not sure I would change unless it is just for the sake of change. Fun bike either way and wish I could have kept it; but on the other-side, buying new parts is always fun.
  6. I just worked on one last week and did not have a problem. Maybe I was oblivious as I've not had one apart before and got lucky.
  7. BilK

    caught with his pants down

    Not sure about the rest, but I for one want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I normally do not root for him to win; I honestly believe Sat. he got caught up in a series of unfortunate events. He did have some brain fart issues last year, but he also made it exciting until the end. IF he can clear his injury or his head next week and perform, I think we are better as fans for it. Besides, I'm not ready to hand Musquin, Anderson or Roczen the title just yet.
  8. Thank you gents. After checking, compression was 25 so clearly i should have tried that to begin with.
  9. Thanks Sir, yea after reading it that makes sense. I should have checked compression.
  10. Good Morning TT experts: I am hoping that someone has come across a similar issue and might have an idea; we were set to leave for a fun filed weekend and might be one bike down; It is a bike i just bought for my new to biking kid. I bought a used Cr 125 from a kid about 3 months ago. At the time it ran good, took it around a MX track for about five laps, and it was good to go. Fast forward to last weekend, son took it to the desert and it was bogging when getting on the throttle. It then got harder to start throughout the day; the thing would fire first kick the week before. I figure it was a carb or jet issue, so i took the carb off and cleaned out everything. This is not my first carb clean/ rebuild so I was pretty confident that was what it was. So when i got the JD Jetting Keihin( looks brand new) apart, the pilot looked a little plugged. I blew it out with compressed air and then hit it with carb clean along with the other jets and holes. Put it all back together and now she wont start. Checked the plug and it is a little black so switched it, then checked and it has spark( had a kill switch issue in the past). Re-pulled everything out, checked that I put things back together properly, and still nothing. The float looks to be correct, the reeds are newer vforce and look with a flashlight to be ok. Fuel is about 3 weeks old, and its the same that has always been run in it. Compressing feels normal though i did not put a tester on it. I even hit it with a little straight gas mist from a spray bottle to see if that would help. So I'm stumped, any ideas? thanks
  11. BilK

    Klx140G vs TTR230

    I think that all depends on a few factors: height, weight, age,as well as your future motorcycle goals. Are you looking to progress to a big trail ride or just piddle around the farm a little?
  12. BilK

    2010 ktm 250sxf price

    my friend just sold his sons 09 for 2600 last week here in so-cal for what it is worth. It was in pretty good shape.
  13. I too went from a 2t to a 350sxf and I really like the powerband. I think it is the most similar 4t to a 2t, but with more grunt at the bottom. I like that it revs to very high places when needed; on the track I don't use the clutch near as much but can just keep adding throttle. I also like that, unlike my buddy's 450, the bottom end comes on super smooth and not just on or off. Other than suspension work( I'm 225lbs), a FMF pipe and comparable mapping, it lugs me around quite well with little mod and feels much lighter than a 450; I know its not it just feels like that to me. It is definitely more than 250f, but you would not be switching if you did not want more speed and power right?
  14. BilK

    Roczen confirms A1

    He was ripping it up at Pala this morning.
  15. I think you will be happier with the 125 to start with if it is a good deal. You can resell and buy a 450 after you have mastered the 125, and you already know the upkeep history. As long as you are not 300 lbs, the 125 will be powerful and manageable as it not only weighs less, but feels significantly lighter and has a pretty peppy little motor. I take my sons 125 out and have a blast on it because it seems more flickable( not sure that is a word ). It does not power out of of the muddy corners like my 350, but with a gear change or two it handles just fine. It will also help you remember to develop good clutch skills as a smaller 2 stroke takes more finesse. Trail is a little different beast, but again, with good clutch control it is also doable. just my 2 cents Bill