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  1. Unsprung Gyro

    Anyone Try these pivoting levers?

    They look nice. I wish they fit my 600r.
  2. Unsprung Gyro

    Identifying a part 96 xr600r

    Thanks for that explanation - i wasn't aware this is a Baja bike. So the only reason to seek one of these would be to increase horsepower? How much could one expect?
  3. Unsprung Gyro

    Identifying a part 96 xr600r

    My '91 Xr600r doesn't have one of these. The hole is plugged. I'm curious if this thing is desirable or necessary under any circumstances.
  4. Unsprung Gyro

    XR600R 88-up EFI

    Ok, well i've always been told EFI will do way better with altitude changes, and that has been my experience so far. Guess i need to step up my jetting game. Thanks guys.
  5. Unsprung Gyro

    XR600R 88-up EFI

    Would my carb have to be way out of whack to not perform as well as EFI at 5,000’ and 14,000’?
  6. Unsprung Gyro

    XR600R 88-up EFI

    I live in Denver with a '91 XR600r and I would love to hear updates on this - maybe i could even help with testing? I am trying to picture what all would have to change on the bike to make this happen. I think $900 sounds reasonable for plug-and-play. While i love the dirt-simple nature of my XR, i am intrigued with the possible performance, economy, and reliability gains.
  7. Unsprung Gyro

    XL600R Ignition or Carburation issue?

    Ha! And here i thought we were talking about an XR...
  8. Unsprung Gyro

    Xr600r intermittant miss

    Thanks for the reply. Good to hear you found and fixed your issue. My ignition coil (+wire & cover) came in and did not improve my situation. I also put on a new slip-on exhaust - the old supertrapp was in sad shape. The new exhaust improved the sound, but hasn't impacted the high-rev misses. I will go through the wires and see if i can find anything similar where maybe something is shorting out. I'm also going to pull the carb and go through it again more thoroughly. Cheers!
  9. Unsprung Gyro

    Xr600r intermittant miss

    Have you figured out what's wrong? I have similar issues with my recently acquired '91. I replaced my CDI - no change. Also checked valves, replaced spark plug, new air filter, and went through the carb. Just ordered an ignition coil, a since that was cheap, and resistance seemed out-of-spec. Next i'll be looking into the pulse generator and stator. I should probably have a closer look at the carb to be more thorough, too.
  10. Unsprung Gyro

    XL600R Ignition or Carburation issue?

    Have you figured it out yet? Please post your results here. I am going to watch this thread - I have some similar issues. I didn't have success checking resistances - i think my wire colors don't match the manual. I decided to get a new CDI, since it was inexpensive and easy to replace. The new CDI didn't improve things, nor did a new spark plug, valve adjustment, new air cleaner, and a carb inspection. I got a carb rebuild kit, but haven't bothered with it yet, as it seemed fine inside. I tried a timing light, but also was frustrated with the oil spitting out the inspection hole. I've not seen anyone else mention that before, is that normal? Also, do i need a different timing light? Mine fires twice and indicates double the RPMs - i realize this is due to the spark firing again on the exhaust stroke, but are there timing lights better suited for this? I have the Innova 3568. Thanks!