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  1. I have an 01 I'm doing the same exact thing. The only thing I found for a new crank was through idk if there any good but they had an oem crank assembly for I think 535.00 I beleive. I've just decided to do what ManBearPig. Said and have it rebuilt. But I have a question too. What specialty tools do I Need? Case splitter, flywheel remover, clutch hub/flywheel holder?, crank puller an installer? Anything else? Impact screwdriver?? SCorey.p23 sry for asking questions on your thread but I'm same year you are trying to figure it out as well
  2. Yeah I had it sleeved by la sleeve. Standard bore. Soooo guys I'm up sh** creek.... The ring gap looks massive because one side of the rings are worn way more than the other side. With that in mind I went to check my crank bearings. I put my little mag light through the top of the piston rod "where the wrist pin goes through it." And I pulled up with some force, and I can feel my left side crank bearing move. Makes a clunk sound. Doesn't move much but I'm assuming with the piston rotating at high rpms. The crank is probably hopping and moving in the bearing. Causing irregular wear to my piston and rings. Next question I also seem to have a lot of side to side deflection on the rod. How much is normal? I don't really have a good way of measuring it besides holding a tape measure still and measuring best I can. But if I'm tearing in that deep might as well replace the crank bushings right??? Also I called my local dirt bike shop and they want 750 in labor to do my bearings. And they can't find a crank anywhere. Do they still make them aftermarket? Or can I get mine rebuilt? I feel confident doing my lower end bearings by myself. So shop can kiss my a$$. Thanks guys! Oh my fmf shorty looks good on it. To bad I can't hear the son of a bitch!! Haha
  3. Here's the pics I pulled the top ring. The first set of pics showed that something hit the top of the Piston. Well the shiny spot on the pv tells me it's that. "Powervalve hitting" The ring slot on the Piston was a little mushroomed around the Piston ring slightly holding it. Also check out the cylinder jug pic. That's with the Piston ring in there. I'm just seeing what the ring gap looked like... I don't have feeler gauges but that seems excessive right? And the wear on the Piston seems excessive for 10 hours on it. And theres alot of pitting on the intake side of it???!!?! What the hells going on lol This normal or do I have trouble? Thanks guys
  4. Thanks mlatour Going with the 110
  5. It's a 2001
  6. What are the possibilities of the powervalve hitting? Is there an adjustment to control the distance it travels when it's closed?
  7. Yeah I'm not riding until I figure it out. I'll tear her apart and post pics. Does the piston itself look like it's worn for only having 10 hours on it?
  8. The rings arnet damaged either
  9. Hey guys I bought this bike a few months back and the top end came in a box literally. The guy took it all apart said that the top ended was in need of a rebuilt. So I bought it. The crank didn't have any play up and down seemed good to me. So I bought a wiesco top end kit and sent the motor off to be sleeved, because the cylinder walls were worn with a groove down it. So I sent it to la sleeve. Put it all together and broke it in properly I've ridden about 10 hours maybe on it after the break in been through I think three tanks of gas. Anyways I noticed there's not that much compression on the kick starter lever....... I can push the lever down with two fingers pretty easy with a little resistance when the pistons on its compression stroke. It freaked me out so I took the exhaust off to see if there were any signs off obvious damage. It looks to me to like the powervalve came in contact a little possibly or I'm just crazy. What do you think? I'm gonna upload pics. Just trying to get ideas before I I tear it apart. My buddy has a 99 rm 250 and it has a lot more pressure on the kick start. Oh and I just ordered fmf shorty boyesen reeds and a new clutch kit. After discovering the "what I think is low compression" Any thing helps guys. I just wanna ride!!!!
  10. .
  11. I have an 01 RM 250 that I bought a couple months ago. And now I need a rear tire for it. My manual says it runs stock at 110/90-19 .... Now the tire that's on it is a 120/80-19 Dunlop.... Should I go back to stock? In theory I would gain a little power going back to stock right? ( Stock gearing on the bike) Thanks
  12. Just ordered it thanks guys. Lot cheaper than what I was looking at!
  13. What's a good clutch kit that's not outrageously exspensive? I'm looking to do springs as well. Any recommendations for me? 2001 RM 250 Thanks
  14. It's an 01 Rm 250
  15. Hey guys was wondering what is a good combination for my jetting. Main Jet? Air Screw and etc? I live and ride in North Calif. About 2500 to 7500 ft elevation. I run a 38:1/40:1 91 Pump Gas with castor 927 I bought the bike a year ago and just got it going. I haven't opened the carb up yet to see what its has. But the bike starts right up runs good, rode 2 hours and the silencer barely showed spooge on it, it seemed to smoke well, not to overwhelming. It has a little sputter on the 1/4 throttle steady, but clears when brought to mid throttle. anyways just wondering what you guys are running at these elevations. Also, should i try running race gas (Higher octane) in the bike? What do you guys recommend? Thanks