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  1. Ok will do thanks guys for all the help I'll update asap
  2. Would a bad throttle position sensor on the carb cause the backfire?
  3. When reving the bike up with choke off backfires, with choke on idle is pretty high
  4. Also timing is dead on valves are in spec.
  5. I checked no old o-ring I had this issue on my bike so I made sure that was the first thing I looked for when it wasn't running right and I have it set up exactly like that screw,spring,washer,o-ring cause that's how it was before
  6. I have a buddies bike that I have been working on that has me completely lost any help will be appreciated. It's an 02 crf 450 with Athena big bore 490 kit, the bike ran perfect before a fuel screw fell out while riding now all it does while running is backfire.🔥💨