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  1. Shoebomber

    kx250 jug compatible model years?

    Honestly I would look into buying a newer bike. Not saying the old kx isn't nice but by the time u spend the money buying a new jug or boring it your going to have a lot in it. That's not to mention if the lower end is still good. My buddy did one for 2000$ after it tossed a rod. Just my opinion tho.
  2. Shoebomber

    kx250 jug compatible model years?

    Turns out the head was an 02 not 01. They went to a smaller reed in 02. Thanks for the help everyone. My buddy will be riding soon.
  3. Shoebomber

    kx250 jug compatible model years?

    Guess the guys at Larrys Honda have finally figured it out. The casting number was worn off and couldn't be seen. Idk what year they put in it they just guessed till they found it. I'll will find out what year and get back with y'all. Everyone's been very helpful thanks
  4. Shoebomber

    kx250 jug compatible model years?

    I had sold the bike to s buddy. I'm helping him try to find the problem with the reeds. He has it at a local Motorsports shop or I would look lol. I will relay the info. Thanks
  5. Shoebomber

    kx250 jug compatible model years?

    Thanks for the info. I was also told that it may be an aftermarket head but there's no name on it so I'm thinking its stock. I'll check out the 02 reeds and get back with y'all about it thanks Fred
  6. Shoebomber

    kx250 jug compatible model years?

    Hi I know this is an old post but there's a lot of good info here. I have a 2001 kx 250 that had thrown a rod and trashed my motor. I rebuilt the lower end and punched a used jug off eBay . The post said it was a 01 jug but my reed cage is to big for the cylinder. Everything else has went together fine Does anyone have an explanation? I can't find the rite size reeds and I've even taken it to my local Motorsports shop they can't figure it out. Call boyesen they don't know. Any info would be helpful thanks