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    Rnning Issues

    As promised, the update. you were right that the pilot was clogged. I took the jets out and swirled them around in a cup with ACDelco Top Engine Cleaner in it. I also sprayed some into the carb body and everything came out cleaner that i expected it to. That stuff will clean the dirt off of dirt, i'm a fan if you can't tell. But i got it back together and it idles like it's supposed to once warmed up and has noticeably more lower end power. Thank you for the help and saving my pride from the dealership
  2. david___drz

    Rnning Issues

    Thanks for the info. It may take me a week to find time to do it, but I'll update once i do
  3. david___drz

    Rnning Issues

    should i attempt to clean it or replace it? and if i take it out to clean should i take the main and starter jets out as well or just tackle this one issue at a time?
  4. david___drz

    Rnning Issues

    I have a 2000 DRZ 400E. I got the bike after it sat for a few years. Since i have had it i rebuilt the carb, meaning i took it completely apart, cleaned the bad gas out and replaced anything rubber that needed it. I also cleaned out the gas tank as it had rotten fuel in it. I set the air fuel screw to the factory setting since it was a little off, but i don't think i messed with the idle position. I have also changed the coolant, oil, and the battery. the bike now runs and i have been riding it every day for a couple weeks so far to bring it back to life. my issue is that the bike won't run unless the choke is out. once it is hot it will continue to run without an issue as long as the choke stays out. when i push the choke in the bike bogs down and dies, no matter what i do with the throttle. i have tried to adjust the idle but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Once it gets all the way up to temp the choke button goes in by itself so i haven't had the chance to ride more than 10 min or so at a time without fighting it. I've just about scratched a hole in my head trying to figure out if i did something wrong and how i can fix it. I think i'm capable enough to fix it mechanically and am too stubborn to take it to a dealer, even though that is where it might end up soon