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  1. Just as a bonus a picture of the new love of my life: Feel a bit &%$#@!ed because the bottom guard isn't a standard anymore, so had to buy it(130€, plastic). But something positive: I thought that the radiator fan is only in Sixdays models(and Husqvarnas) but hell no, it was in this too.
  2. I guess I'll have to buy that 69nm rear spring, since im ~93kg. Meanwhile does it help to transfer the weight a bit more to the front by lowering the front few millimeters? Now its a bit rear heavy and tends to wobble a bit on high speeds.
  3. I get the others but why a new ECU? I think I'm still going for the 13/52. 1st gear seems a bit too fast for slow forest riding.
  4. Cool, thaks for the replys. 1hour now in the odometer. What can I say? Theres plenty of power atleast, and it's light, feels very light. What front sprocket is usuall for enduro in these? I got one 13spike that came as extra with the bike, and it seems that the bike has now 14 or 15spiked. Top speed was around 160km/h(100mph) and still could pull a power wheelie riding ~90km/h in 5th gear. I love it. Tomorrow 1hr oil change and then go ride some serious enduro. The handbook says that after 1hr you should check valve clearance, but my experienced friend said that, "blah, no need"...? Swamps and sandpits, we're coming for you.
  5. Hello guys, just joined! So I just picked it up yesterday. Was a 1100km drive and was home a bit late so went to straigth to sleep. Then I woke up to a dilemma.. The dealer made it to be "full power", and removed some suppressors from the exhaust, and the lambda sensor. Do I need to remap it now? Some said that let it idle for like 5mins, it'll figure itself out, but that sounds weird. Then again, the lambda wire was disconnected and the engine light didn't start to shine, that could mean it is true.. When I bought my new Triumph, I put a better "breathing" pipe on it and had to remap it to go a bit richer. Well, the dealership did that for me before I picked it up. I don't no what the "euro map" for the ecu is, I live in Europe so shouldn't it be a stock map? Btw should there be a suppressor where the cylinder and the exhaust connect? My 300EXC had? I wanna make sure, that they really have removed every "blockage" Also this: http://adbmag.com.au/editorial/1835/