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  1. Ben2

    2016 yz250x jetting thread

    It could just be your mixture ratio. In Australia my manual says to run 30:1, however this is too rich for the type of riding I do (not racing, just having fun). I now run 40:1. Your silencer will most likely have an effect as will the elevation. 2000 to 6000 is a big gap. My jetting settings will not be entirely relevant for you, but for others reading this they are N3CW needle on clip 3, main jet is 180, pilot jet is 55. I now get only a little spooge and the bike runs crisp and clean with only a little smoke. I mainly ride around 2000 to 4000 feet ASL.
  2. Ben2

    2016 yz250x jetting thread

    Thanks borlo. I may get one as I ride a wide range of altitudes and temperatures.
  3. Ben2

    2016 yz250x jetting thread

    Hi all, I just purchased my 2016 X. Jetting is stock so i'll test it out and report on the results. Has anyone tried the lectron or technology elevated smart carb on their X??
  4. Ben2

    YZ250X stock pipe guard

    Sorry to post in this thread after such a long time of it being dormant. Hay UHF2, great pics. Are you still happy with the force bash plate? I'm considering getting one for my YZ250X.