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  1. Young.OlearyFamiliy

    Newbies what bikes should we buy

    All the input has been great!!!! Really thx for all the comments. inhave to opportunity now to purchase a 07 trr 125 for $800 which needs rear tire, battery, rusted chain, etc...hours are unknown but it is suppose to be in good shape. I am weighting this against a 2012 with 20 hours in perfect shape for $1300. Any advise. Like to save the $ but will it be worth it? What else will go wrong....
  2. Young.OlearyFamiliy

    Newbies what bikes should we buy

    Are you planning to ride along with son? What about other family members? sizes, ages, gender and experience can go along way to us giving decent starting point recommendations........... thanks for all the input here! And here is answer to these questions. other member right now not interested. Maybe the 15 & 11 year old girl might once gets a taste of it. Wife has no interest. Right now I see us doing more trails. Due to or city location we will have to trailer to ny state etc...these bike will be trail bike but would like to think that if we wanted to do something a little more aggressive we could or at least he could. Again he has not ridden before. He is avid mountain biker who wants more speed now.
  3. Looking to get a used bike for my son 14yrs old about 110 lbs / 5'5" . Ttr, yz,yzf ,cr, etc......so many things out there. I have been a street bike rider but he has not ridden really before. But would like to know what type in each Mfg I should concentrate on...all he mfg have so many types. But for newbies want to make sure we don't get anything crazy to start with but but grow into. But something that is a good start so if he wants to continue more seriously it is a good start.