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  1. Hey remember when you said this 4 yrs ago on Breitbart re: Democrats?:


    "Running a political organization from the Whitehouse has GOT TO BE against the law! By doing this they are using taxpayer money to advance a parties agenda. What can we do to get the Oversight Committee to take a look or get a private lawsuit filed??"  


    Your posts on Bucks Co Courier, Breitbart, and fishing sites are absolutely hilarious, not to mention informative as to how flawed your logic is, be it that it's based on your emotions, false equivalencies, straw-men fallacies, etc.  We're loving it here in Bristol -- maybe we'll see you fishing on that one bank in Lambertville and can have have a civil discussion?  Somehow I'm guessing you'll respond w/ some kind of threat -- oh wait -- the L is the party of violence, right?  People forgive when you admit to being wrong -- take for ex the Demo party, who yes -- many blacks/Jews/LGBT people know damn well they created the KKK -- but they care about 2017, unlike you.  Let me see, you voted for Trump b/c you're nostalgic for how things used to be?  Nostalgia is an emotion, meaning you voted w/ emotions, not logic.   In one post you claim not to be a gun owner but then you're asking about how to fix your .336?  Smh . . .