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  1. The throttle slide rattles in the carb on tick over on my Crf250 2005. I’ve removed the rear subframe/airbox then run the engine, the noise is definitely the slide as I can stop it rattling with light pressure from my finger. The bike has done no more then 30 hours total, so hard to believe the carb is worn out already. Also can someone explain the purpose of the plate/valve and rubber seal attached to the slide? Is this the problem? It’s fitted the correct way, hole at the bottom. The seal looks good but guess it’s 13 years old! I’ve not bought a new one because Honda only sell it with the plate and here in the UK is £145 and unsure if that’s issue.
  2. Sorry not heard of a KX conversion but binned my air forks for 2012 CRF450 spring forks. You just need to use the smaller disc brake rotor. Excellent forks that transformed the bike (the 2012 had the 4.8 springs fitted as std) but any from 09>will be as good with stiffer springs
  3. 21smx

    Desired 08 parts to 04?

    Garage-Dog do you know wether the 08 parts are interchangeable with your 04? Heads, cranks, carbs, g/boxes etc. Like you I’ve just acquired a 05 and love it! I also own a 2015 450 Honda.... it’s now for sale, so much prefer this old 250. Even rode a 18 250f Honda and didn’t think much of it. Have Honda actually made any progress over the last 15 years?
  4. 21smx

    Fork Swap

    I’m looking at putting 2011 CRF250/450R forks into my 2005 CRF250R. I know they’re 1mm bigger being 48mm so is it possible to fit the later triple clamps and bearings to my 2005?
  5. I've just purchased a used set of kyb spring forks (told from a crf 450 2012?) to replace my air forks on my CRF450 2015. Does anyone have any recommended settings, shim stack settings which work well for a 50+ club/grass roots level motocross rider weighing 210lbs. At present I have 4.8 springs, 350cc oil with stock shim stacks.