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  1. molloyjp

    Reed Cage Installation

    I put new reeds on a 1980 DT175 and noticed that the cage is not uniform. See the small part protruding from the right side? Does it matter which way it goes on? Picture attached.
  2. molloyjp


    I need to run premix in a 1980 DT175 while I check the function of the oil injection. What is the correct ratio?
  3. molloyjp

    Old Carb Fit

    Will a carb from a 1980 DT100 fit a 1980 DT175? I am rebuilding a DT175 and found a DT100 carb for the same year at a salvage yard.
  4. molloyjp


    1981 DT175 kickstarter does not return once kicked. I have the spring it right and it works fine with the case cover off. Once I put the case cover back on it stops springing back. Anyone dealt with this before?
  5. I have a 1981 DT175 that I am trying to get running. I keep having to take off the crank case cover and it is murder on the screws which appear to have been replaced already. Any recommendations on where to get Allex / Hex screws that will fit? Also, what type of material should they be?
  6. molloyjp

    DT175 Headlight

    The OEM headlight lens assembly 2A6-84120-60-00 is discontinued. Can anyone recommend a replacement? I was surprised you could not just change a bulb. I can find the lens assembly on ebay but for $135!!!!
  7. molloyjp

    Oil Pump Drive Sprocket

    On a 1980 DT175, should there be a washer on the end of the oil pump drive sprocket where it meets the case cover or does it just sit right in the case cover?
  8. molloyjp

    Tachometer DT175

    I am putting a rebuilt DT175 back together and wanted to know how to reattach the tachometer. It looks like I just stick it in by the oil pump and fasten it. Anything else?
  9. molloyjp

    yamaha xt250 accelerator pump

    How do you vary the size of the rivet?
  10. molloyjp

    yamaha xt250 accelerator pump

    Any idea how to adjust it to make it more responsive?
  11. molloyjp

    yamaha xt250 accelerator pump

    Anybody know how to adjust the accelerator pump so it is more responsive?
  12. molloyjp

    Valve Adjustment Tool

    I need to buy a valve adjustment tool for an 81 XT250. Anyone know what size?
  13. I just got a hitch carrier for my sons new Kaw KLX 110. We are going to be traveling through heavy storms. Should the bike be covered to protect from rain and road grease? I figured it would not matter on a dirt bike but thought to ask if anyone has an opinion.
  14. molloyjp

    Oil Line Case Connections - 1980 DT175

    Thanks! So how do I get them off and put them back on? Can I just wiggle with pliers and them shove them back in. Or is there a more involved removal method. Do I need a press to reinstall? Also, what does S.O.A.N.Z. stand for?
  15. Pic attached. I replaced the lines to the oiler but would like to replace the lines from the elbows that connect to the case to the oiler itself. I would likely need to remove these elbows. Am I able to remove them? Are they just pressure fit? If so, how should I do it? If I may damage them or the case, I will just leave it alone. Want to be thorough but they seems clear now.