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  1. I just got a hitch carrier for my sons new Kaw KLX 110. We are going to be traveling through heavy storms. Should the bike be covered to protect from rain and road grease? I figured it would not matter on a dirt bike but thought to ask if anyone has an opinion.
  2. Thanks! So how do I get them off and put them back on? Can I just wiggle with pliers and them shove them back in. Or is there a more involved removal method. Do I need a press to reinstall? Also, what does S.O.A.N.Z. stand for?
  3. Pic attached. I replaced the lines to the oiler but would like to replace the lines from the elbows that connect to the case to the oiler itself. I would likely need to remove these elbows. Am I able to remove them? Are they just pressure fit? If so, how should I do it? If I may damage them or the case, I will just leave it alone. Want to be thorough but they seems clear now.
  4. I hate the sound of the horn. So wimpy. Anyone know of a horn I could get that will fit and sounds normal?
  5. Just rebuilt carb with Keyster kit. Float plunger creates an air tight seal but the carb leaks when I start it up. Drain pipe is fine. The plunger seems smaller than the one I replaced. Even after adjusting the float height, I am having trouble. Anyone run into this?
  6. I was cleaning and rebuilding a carb bought online for a 1981 XT250. It looks like it is in good shape so I do not want to replace much except the pilot jet, but I do have a Keyster kit Question: I scarred up (not too bad) the side and top of the brass fitting that the float needle fits into. The plunger still moves fine and the opening that the needle fits into is untouched. Anything to worry about?
  7. Anyone know of an aftermarket fuel screw that can be used to replace the one behind the welch plug? Also, anyone know of a replacement carb? The OEM is so problematic.
  8. Thanks! I will measure the old one and order a few.
  9. Anyone know where I can get a replacement for the brass fitting that connect the fuel line to the carb on a 1981 XT250? I don't even see it in the parts diagram.
  10. 1982 XT250. I put on a new exhaust compression gasket but cannot get in compressed enough to get the bolts on the exhaust far enough back to attach to the frame. The studs are as tight as I can really go. Afraid to go crazy on them and break the heads off. Any advice? The old gasket was not shot but I thought to replace it. May have leaked a little. Not sure. Should I put it back on with a coat of High Heat Silicone?
  11. Get one small enough to fit that arm?
  12. The hard rubber insert in the Throttle Lever Shaft has become so worn that the arm to the Accelerator Pump just falls out. See pics. Any suggestions on how to fix? ?
  13. Not sure. If it did not move I assume that I am OK and if it did move, change it?
  14. The float plunger on my 1981 XT250 stuck dumping gas out. I imagine some went into the crank case. Was just trying to start it so not much. Should I change the oil before restarting it with the rebuilt carb or can I wait to at least see if I get it to start up?
  15. I am trying to replace a shot exhaust gasket for a 1981 XT250. The replacement is thicker than the old OEM so it is hard to get the exhaust on and still have it reach the bolts on mid and rear frame. Is this normal? Will it compress if I really tighten it? Should I put it in a press to compress it a little?