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  1. GotJokz

    2008 RMZ 450 for $1700

    Thanks alot man!
  2. GotJokz

    2008 RMZ 450 for $1700

    I plan on buying a 2008 RMZ450 in a couple days for 1700. It's got ProTaper bars, Renthal Sprockets, aftermarket rims, and an FMF exhaust. The owner is relatively new to dirtbikes and recently traded a street bike for this Suzuki. He isn't overly familiar with the bike, but it looks to be in clean condition with aftermarket plastics etc, as if the previous owner took care of it. It's had a recent oil change, but the only thing i'm a little worried about is that since the current owner is pretty new to dirtbiking, he doesn't know how many hours are on the current build. I'm just curious for some last minute opinions, so i'd like to hear your thoughts; is it a good deal, and pointers on things i should look for on it before i buy. P.S i'm about 80% sure that it isn't stolen, but will run a VIN check tomm
  3. GotJokz

    Should I buy a YZ426f OR a CRF250R

    mostly trail riding, and i'm relatively sure about its legitimacy
  4. Should I buy a 2002 YZ426f OR a 2009 CRF250R? The YZ has alot of extras and looks to be in pretty good shape, the owner used it alot, but took care of it. The CRF is in EXCELLENT condition and looks great Both bikes are for sale at about $1500, but i should be able to talk it down a bit I'm having a difficult time deciding between the two, I'd be sacrificing power for age and vice versa, idk any insight would be helpful. Thanks
  5. GotJokz

    Should I buy an '04 CRF450R for $1k

    There are closer pics that show some wear etc.
  6. The bike supposedly hasn't been ridden in 8 months, needs new tires, muffler needs to be repacked, but it apparently recently had a thorough rebuild. Despite this, it is a difficult bike to kick start. From the pics it looks as if it used to have been raced. It does run tho if you are able to kick thru the compression