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  1. fox_rider1234567

    RMZ augh!

    change your valves often and the bike is awsome!!!!!!!!!
  2. fox_rider1234567

    ~~2005 Rmz250~~

    i wouldent run high octane fuel it will burn your valves up.
  3. fox_rider1234567

    KX250F vs CRF250R

    go with the green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. fox_rider1234567

    i am thinking of getting a kx25f is this a good choice

    the rmz/kxf loved to be short shifted
  5. fox_rider1234567

    05' RMZ 250 or 05' KXF 250

    pic witch color you like.
  6. fox_rider1234567


    i run casrtol r4 super bike the book recmendends it........after all i think suzuki motor corperation no's best!
  7. fox_rider1234567

    kxf/rmz stories

    i have a 2004 rmz with a WB caron pro and header 2005 team malita graphic kit wmr valves its the bset bike ever i fly by yzf's all the time
  8. fox_rider1234567

    2004 KX250F no resistance on kickstarter???

    undefinedmy did the exzact same thing get some wmr valves they last 4 ever!
  9. fox_rider1234567

    dr-z 125l mods

    cut out the baffle and take the screen out from the air filter.
  10. fox_rider1234567

    Backfire screen

    hit ebay can get one for 25$
  11. fox_rider1234567

    Blown up?

    my rmz blew because i was cheap and didnt change the exhaust valves and 1 launched into my cylinder caused big problems.......but that was my fault not the bikes!
  12. fox_rider1234567

    how about any problems with the 04 or 05 rmz250?

    watch out for the valves check the clearance often,other then that i love my rmz
  13. fox_rider1234567

    06 or 05 kxf

    the 04 are good bikes to
  14. fox_rider1234567

    250F- Not Starting

    try the valves
  15. fox_rider1234567

    05 kxf vs. crf 250r

    You have two great bikes the rmz's have great power and are more snappy and agressive then crf but one thing wrong with the rmz are the valves sence yamerha patend the 5 valve thing suzuke has to use for and can cause big problems.......costed me 1200$ but if properly maitnenced do fine.