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    Fork Tube Discoloration

    Thanks Hollerhead! That makes sense. Though the bike came with black boots when I bought it (and are in great shape, so have to be a lot newer than originals), they did originally come with blue. Cheers!
  2. Robert Arance

    Fork Tube Discoloration

    I am in the process of updating my 93 (bought used in February with 30K miles), replacing bearings, etc. I took the forks off and after removing the boots, I noticed this bluish discoloration on the tube's chromed surface. There are no scratches, no leakage from seals, and tubes are straight. I'm probably going to fully dismantle them, replacing the bushings and seals but I am concerned about this discoloration. Is this indicative of something major? Took apart the steering head and those bearings were well past their sell-by date!