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  1. (40) pilot with the 8 slide and the NECK needle seems incredibly lean 0-1/4! Bike sounds pretty good though. All last year I ran the NECJ (3) 170 45 and it was really good (I just can't leave good alone) but trying to make things better I ordered a notched 8 slide and a NECK needle. I haven't tried it and would like to, but weather is forcasted for a high of 50° sat here in MI. What's the lowest temp you have ran the 8 slide/NECK combination? Elevation is right about 1k here.
  2. LSHD, Did you ever get around to trying the NECK (3) with the 8 slide?
  3. That piston is extremely rich and completely "washed" In general a proper tuned bike would show carbon build up on the entire surface of the pistons dome except about a pinky nail to thumb nail (depending on how you like you're bike jetted) at the transfer ports. To help we would need to know. Your bike details Elevation you mostly ride at Temp Current jetting in carb
  4. Interested in selling the stock carb?
  5. Are you on a X LSHD? I ask because I'm thinking about sending my head out to RB and I'm on the fence about having them retain the factory compression ratio or not.. I really like the over rev of my X over the standard YZ
  6. This is "normal" and a very simple way to prevent the racing cold start, choke on start-up is to turn fuel on then lean bike over until fuel comes out of over flow. This works for me every time. This fills the bowl with fuel that has evaporated from sitting.
  7. Mine does this as well! Also just today I went back to my 45 pilot from the 48 I ran last weekend. Honestly the bike is much easier to ride and produces better "roll on" power with a much torquey delivery with the 48. The 45 pilot is extremely "zippy" but spins the rear tire very easy and almost gives the bike a slipping clutch type of feeling. Figured I would spread my experience as I have extensive tuning with the NECJ and NEDJ needles with several different combos of main and pilot and currently the NECJ (3) 48 170 is my favorite with my stock cut X head. Problem: My plug shows a very rich condition with with that setup but runs phenomenal. My X just loves fuel, anytime I decrease fuel it decreases seat of the pants "pull" some. Maybe it's time I get my squish corrected..
  8. I have tried the NEDJ (2) and didn't care for the way it affected my midrange delivery.. Made it feel weaker. If the NEDJ (2) is 1/2 clip leaner then NECJ (3) where does that put the NECK (3)?
  9. I also have this exact "issue" my 250x runs extremely well and has very good power delivery and response from very small throttle openings all the way up to a very good over rev. I'm using the NECJ (3) with a 45 pilot and 170 main jet @1k I have the same "burble" at very small throttle openings if I hold it there steady but so minimally that I don't notice it while riding.. Only in a "cruise" type situation. I also have a stumble when coming down off throttle when the bike is rev'd in neutral that's not noticeable when riding that i can't seem to adjust out with the air screw. I'm using the slavens air screw that is easier to adjust by hand. Using a turbinecore 2 sparky with the stock pioe and powervalve mod.
  10. Be sure to do one at a time. With you're a/s setting and most you're riding that day being slower stuff I would try the pilot first before going to the 1/2 clip leaner nedj 2. keep us posted!
  11. That's my experience with mine... That's why i recommend what I did...
  12. Mine is borderline rich on the pilot in warm weather at sea level without the head cut. I would try a 42 pilot with that correct squish. Also, the nedj 2 might benefit you at that temp.
  13. That is a powercore and not a turbinecore? I ask because the outlet looks identical to the turbinecore.. That would change things a little.. I understand you're currently comparing jetting on the same silencer but spark arrestors IMO always have a little more spooge and smoke then that of a traditional silencer. Very difficult to get a sparky spooge free.
  14. What's your elevation?
  15. This is what I ran at sea-level on a stock pipe turbincore silencer and was as good as it got for me with the suzuki needle.