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  2. Melted my CDI and lost spark. After swapping boxes with a buddies 03 it ran fine. Just wondering what route you guys would recommend to replace it. My options right now are New OEM (pricey) eBay used Procom(seems sketchy & not a lot of info on here about them) Vortex (super pricey) 250x cdi (heard good things on here about this swap but not sure what year would work with what harness)
  3. Thanks, I ended up matching a lever at a shop to it and it's for a 09 yzf
  4. I recently bought a yz250 and after breaking the front brake lever I realized it wasn't oem because my spare yz lever didn't fit because it has a ball-in-socket type push rod. I believe it's from a Honda but if I'm wrong please move this post. It is a Nissin 3/8 cylinder with "7t 2" stamped on to it. If anyone knows what this is from any help would be appreciated.