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  1. Unklevig

    2014 Kx250f idling up on its own

    I had a similar problem on my 2013 kx250f. I removed the throttle body and the hot start plunger and thoroughly cleaned all the bypass vents in the throttle body and the plunger. This solved my intermittent hanging idle problem. Before this I tested/replaced the throttle position sensor, valve clearance, boot leaks, exhaust head gasket, checked codes on the computer, cleaned fuel injectors, ......... etc..... none of these fixed my hanging idle, cleaning the throttle body vents and hot start plunger did.
  2. Unklevig

    2014 KX250F IDLE

    Does the idle eventually drop down when put in gear, e.g., "hanging idle"? If so, here is what fixed my problem on my 2013 KX250f. I removed the entire throttle body and removed the choke/idle adjust and thoroughly cleaned the inside and the connecting internal vent tubes that go to each side of the butterfly, it was pretty dirty in there and I change my air filters every two rides. What I assume was happening on my bike was the dirt caused the choke to hang open so it would idle high, even when I pushed it back in.
  3. Unklevig

    Hanging in the RPM's when reved

    I figured out my problem. I ordered a new TPS sensor and it still didn't fix it, so I put the old one back in. I took the throttle body completely out and disconnected the throttle cables and cleaned this section of the throttle body with compressed air and some q-tips (no oil). I then removed the pressure sensor and tube and the hot start plunger/idle adjuster. This is where I discovered my problem and solution. The inside of the plunger and associated chambers were filthy! I used WD-40 q-tips to clean everything including the channels that feed into the throttle body on each side of the butterfly. I also sprayed it into the top of the metal tube where I removed the pressure sensor tube. I followed this up with carb cleaner. These are three of the holes you see inside of the throttle body, and each one was dirty. I also removed the fuel injector and cleaned it by applying 12v dc and spraying carb cleaner through both ways. I cleaned and lubed the seals before I resembled it and cleaned the pressure sensor tube also. I set my idle at 1900 rpm, which is where I've always had it, and so far no more hanging idle! I think I'm pretty good about changing my air filter, so i'm assuming it might just be a slow buildup in there that messes with the airflow and idle causing the hanging/intermittent idle.
  4. Unklevig

    Hanging in the RPM's when reved

    This is my first post, new to the forum, but I have the same problem on my 2013 KX250f, but when mine returns to idle it dies. Starts fine, rev it and it hangs for about 30 seconds or so, returns to below idle, then dies. I've searched endlessly on this forum and others for a solution, and I still haven't found one. I've checked for exhaust leaks and air intake (vacuum) leaks, taken the entire FI out for inspection, used compressed air, and I hate to admit sprayed starter fluid around the boots, and the small hose that runs to the MAP sensor to try and get the it to rev up (before I manually rev it), to no avail. I checked the ECU for codes (12v battery and a simple LED light), no codes. I tested my throttle sensor (TPS), it was way out of spec (0.4V), so I adjusted it at idle (0.6V), except the voltage is still way off at full throttle (2.65V should be 3.75V). Strangely enough it runs fine with jumpers between the connectors, (used to test the voltages while running or with battery hooked up), and now when I hook the TPS connectors back together it dies. The weird thing is, is that it runs seemingly fine with the TPS disconnected???? Long story short, you may want to check your TPS if you don't find any leaks. They are sensitive to water, and wrecks, and I think mine is bad, and hopefully not the ECU. I'll let you know if I find a solution. Another simple test is to slightly tug on the throttle return cable when it is revving high, since this can get hung up or pinched.